War Thunder – Best Crew Skills to Spend Crew Points On

This guide will provide you info about crew points.

What Are Crew Points?

Crew points are points used to level up your crew. They go from vitality to accuracy and are helpful with each section.

How to Spend Crew Points

In order to use crew points, you must first choose your vehicle. Once you choose your vehicle, right click your vehicle to bring up sections. Choose the crew section and a menu will pop up. Go to whatever section you want to go to and click the + sign to add crew points and click the – sign to subtract crew points. Be careful though, as once you click the apply button, you can’t subtract the points.

Best Skills to Spend Crew Points On

Now we get to the main part of this guide. The best skills to spend crew points on. The skills are precision, accuracy, g-tolerance, stamina, vitality, etc. The best skills to spend crew points on first are vitality, precision, and accuracy.

I did these first and it helped me a lot. The other skills can come next but these are priorities as these are crucial to your survival.

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