Garfield Kart – The Official Garfield Hat Meta

Hello and welcome to the guide inspired by the Official Garfield kart Meta Guide! Because it had neglected the hats, I will be showing you the best (and worst) Hat you can get!

Space Bubble: S

  • The Space Bubble is the best hat in any circumstance. It can allow you to be on the alien spaceship less (in time that is).
  • It is absolutely necessary that you upgrade this. It has the cheapest upgrades in the game and is fully worth it.

Viking Helmet: A

  • The viking helmet is very good at getting Lasagna (idk how to spell it) and can allow you to become an absolute Lasagna friend.
  • However, It is the most expensive for upgrades so be careful.

Elasto-Hat: B

  • This hat can allow you to jump higher into the air than normal. It can allow you to jump to a ton of heights.
  • However, It’s not easy to upgrade. So get a a lot of coins.

Chef Special: B

  • This hat can allow you to throw pies much faster. It’s a good early game option.
  • Easy to upgrade at the start but gets much harder at the last Upgrade.

Tic-Toque: F

  • This hat makes diamonds kill you faster. Do I really need to explain how that’s a bad upgrade?
  • Also, This hat lures you in because of how cool it looks than the chef hat.
  • And it’s name is also really bad. It might be about the french so it gets minus points.
  • Truely a bad item.
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