Firefrost – Starter Tips

Firefrost is released! Spectacular isn’t it? Now that you can get your hands on the game, here is a bit about how to enjoy it as much as possible.

Tips for New Players

  • Watch for enemy patterns and think about what upgrades to use to exploit those patterns. Each enemy type has a different pattern and every upgrades enables you to work with those patterns in different ways. For example, if you find an enemy type that often bunches up together, then using the explosive enemies upgrade could be a great way to deal with them!
  • Use modifiers! At the start of a new game+ run you can select a modifier for that run. The game is quite easy by default, using modifiers is the way to push yourself to get really good at it. If you like roguelikes, then I highly recommend the Rogue modifier. Otherwise if you want to sob in agony then I recommend the Corruption modifier. You will not complain that the game is too easy after a run with that.
  • Play multiple runs. Each new runs grants you a new upgrade and a new modifier, and your first run will only be dipping the toes into the tactical possibilities of Firefrost. I mean this is a game where dying is nothing, you just get back up. Use each run as an opportunity to learn, try new stupid ideas and combos, and push yourself to reach the highest ranks!
  • Find upgrade combinations that you enjoy, and work well together. If you find yourself frequently running out of ammo then try the Recycler upgrade. And if you want to be able to take out multiple enemies even when they are aiming at you, try the Bullet Time upgrade. There are a few options, make sure to use them!
  • Record your run. It’s way easier to spot your mistakes when your brain isn’t occupied with actually playing the game. If you find it really difficult to get the rank you want then this might be worth a try. Bonus points for uploading your run to Youtube.

Now pick up the flamethrower, choose your upgrades and get that soup!

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