Final Fantasy VII – Farming for Great Gospel and Other Limit Breaks (Best Locations and Tactics)

This is a guide that’ll help you reach Level 4 limit breaks for each character. It also contains the best grinding spots per each landmark moment of the game.

Farming for Great Gospel and Other Limit Breaks


Final Fantasy 7 is a fun game but the way to obtain Limit Breaks requires heavy investment if you want to obtain everyone’s last Limit Break. While you can postpone the grind for everyone else, you absolute MUST gain the Level 4 limit break for Aeris before finishing Ancient Temple or else you’ll have to restart the whole game to try again. (Or reload an earlier save before entering Ancient Temple) You can’t exit Ancient Temple after one point and after finishing it, Aeris leaves the party. After this Aeris dies permanently. This is actually the main reason why I began to grind her limit breaks because of her very limited time that she’s playable, however these methods work for everyone.

How do Limit Break Levels Work?

Every level has two different limits. To obtain the second limit per each level, you must use the first limit certain number of times, most often 8 times. To obtain a new level, the character must be the one to deal killing blow certain number of times (it depends but it’s usually like 80+ for second level and more on third) and to obtain their Level 4 you must have learnt every other limit break beforehand. After obtaining a new level, you must set the new level, which empties your limit bar. Unlike in later Final Fantasy games, in Final Fantasy 7 the only way to fill up the limit break bar is to receive damage. You can use limit bar several times during the fight and each use counts as one usage, however to actually learn new limits, you must be alive during the victory screen.


Cloud begins the game with Braver. Using Braver 8 times, you’ll learn Cross-Slash. When Cloud has killed 120 enemies, he’ll learn Blade Beam. Cloud would be able to learn Blade Beam even if he hadn’t learn Cross Slash if he has 120 kills before using Braver 8 times but he’d not be able to learn his OmniSlash, until learning Cross Slash.

Exception to the above rule

Vincent and Caith Sith do not require you to use their limit breaks multiple times to learn new levels. You should use their 1st level breaks at least once since you get achievements but after that you can just grind kills for them to obtain their limit levels. Caith Sith only has another Limit Break aside his Dice one, which is Slots and he’ll never learn any more limit breaks past that.

With that said, I recommend grinding out the 8 uses of a limit break first. Not only can you get some kills this way, that way you get them out of the way while letting the kill ones to come more naturally. I’ve seperated how to best get both ways of kills and maxing out your limit bar so that you can easily perform them 8 times.

You can’t learn Level 4 limit breaks by using Level 3 or by number of kills, each character requires specific things to obtain an item that can be used to learn Level 4 once the character knows all the other limits.

Best Way to Fill up Limit Gauge

I recommend doing limit gauge filling up and using limit break while specifically using grinding spots that are leveled or playing through the storyline. The limit break bar fills up based on the damage you receive compared to your HP bar, so for optimal bar filling, you want to use places where you’ll rack up damage.

Before starting up the grind, make sure the character you’ll farm the gauge for has a cover materia on them. This way, they’ll often block the enemies and receive the damage more often, thus filling the bar more consistently. You should also invest into items called “Hyper”, using them on a character makes them get Fury state, during this state their limit bar is filled twice as fast.

These are the best spots to farm your limit bars, they also give you nice EXP and AP:

  • Mythril Mines, as soon as you come to it.
  • Junon, 1st corridor after you get buggy.
  • Mideel Area, once you get Tiny Bronco.
  • Mideel Area Jungle, once you get Highwind.
  • Gelnika, once you have sub
  • Northern Crater, when you’re at the end game.

Best Way to Gain Kills

Unlike filling limit bar, you can kill anything and it doesn’t matter how much weaker they are than you. With this in mind, the best spot to farm is one with as many weak enemies as possible.

This screen often has 5 very weak enemies. If you have strong AOE Enemy Skills (Aqualung, Beta, Matra Magic, etc.) they will most likely instantly kill all 5 with a single cast, Matra Magic can be learnt even before coming to this place first time (earliest time to learn is at Midgar area when fighting Custom Sweeper enemies) so that you can begin grinding the kills fast if you’d like. Late game when you have Slash-All, equip that and a single hit will kill all the mushrooms, thus speeding your kill rate even further.

Questions and Considerations

Can I attack my own party members to build up their limit meter?

No, you only gain limit meter when enemy attacks you.

When should I grind the limit breaks?

Unless the character who’s limit breaks you’re about to grind is Aeris, you can be much more relaxed with the grind and do it whenever you want, even at the end of game. With Aeris, you should grind out the limit breaks whenever, keep her in party whenever possible, keep her in front row, feed her every single kill possible (Enemy Skill is amazing at this) and whenever possible farm the kills whenever you encounter areas with 5 enemies. When you’re getting close to Ancient Temple, you should use the locations listed to farm her up until 3rd level second limit and then have her learn Great Gospel. Remember, everyone else can play catch up later, Aeris is only avaivable for limited time and thus you need to grind to get her Level 4 limit break.

What about everyone else?

For everyone else, when you first obtain Tiny Bronco you can start grinding at this point until the enemies no longer fill up your bars enough, then move on with the story until you reach Highwind and resume the grind.

Also don’t worry about grinding Caith Sith and Vincent, you’ll easily gain the kills needed with the mushrooms whenever you want late game with Slash-All.

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