Farthest Frontier – Bare Bones Farmers Per Tile Guide

A “trust me, bro” style guide on farmers per tile.

Guide to Farmers Per Tile

Without any details, simply put, you have only two concerns for farm size vs farmer count. Those are, ofc, farmer count for best yeald. And secondly fertilizer. If your plot is too small, you are wasting fertilizer (and I think, cows too).

After some basic math, the optimal tile size per farmer is 20. So calculate x times y, divide by 20 => that’s the number of farmers you want. Rounding is tricky. I did some trial and error, but I won’t try and copy paste an excel sheet on this mid 90’s forum tech.

But not all combinations are made equal. When you plant a crop, and have a number of farmers selected, the game will calculate a min / max yeald for that field. Below is a list of the best ones by my math:

  • 5×10 with 2 farmers (25 tiles per farmer).
  • 6×12 with 3 farmers (24 tiles per framer).
  • 8×9 with 3 farmers (24 tiles per farmer).
  • 9×10 with 4 farmers. (22 tiles per farmer).

Everything else, is not great. With 10×11 and 11×12 being also sorta good. With 5, respectively 6 workers.

That being said, the winners for me are the 72 tile farms (6*12 & 8×9). They fall SLIGHTLY behind 5×10, the theoretical best. But 50 tiles is just too small and a waste of fertilizer.

If you want to maximize fertilizer, 10×11 and 11×12 win out. Whereas 12×12 is solidly middle of the pack.

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