Real-Time General – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries can I play as?

U.S., Britain, Canada. Germany is coming soon

What time period/battles does this cover?

The Normandy campaign (D-Day till Falaise Gap), June 6 1944 to August 21 1944

An actually REAL-TIME game?

Yes! All tasks take time to perform. Marching takes however long in real-life it would take to walk there. Digging trenches takes hours, battles can last all-day.

How long does a match last?

2.5 months in real-time

How many units do I control?

Usually 3, but you unlock more as your battalion levels up

What scale is this?

You command ONE BATTALION, but control indidual COMPANIES & PLATOONS.

How many players can play in a single online match?

Up to 400

What plaforms can I play on?

Steam (Windows), Android, iOS

Can I play with friends on different platforms (ex: I play on steam, my friend is on Android)?


Will my progress transfer if I switch platforms?


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