Farthest Frontier – Optimized Design with Visual Clarity and Productivity Efficiency

I love to min max in games and planning and organizing stuff. So I decided to create a design for myself and now im willing to share it, which consist minimal travel between raw material, production and trade post. Also tried to divide in production blocks to better visual clarity.

I also tried to connect all building with necessary storage and raw producer, such as well for potter, brewer, paper mill and tannery.


When I place town center, I immediately plan all production and residential with roads.

I also managed to cover all food production in one rat catcher radius.


I’m playing on vanquisher difficulty and it doesn’t cover defense. But everybody deal with defense differently. and with new patch it will be more focus on mobile army, so im planing build all heavy military building as fast as possible and also to buy them and push raid camps.

But fence is important, so Im placing it to defend myself from bears.

I also have meter for desirability debuff for industry building on houses.

Full Resolution

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