Enshrouded – How to Obtain Resin Guaranteed

A extremely short guide to assist with a resource that seems extremely chance based.

Guide to Obtain Resin Guaranteed

Obtaining Resin

So Resin seems annoyingly awful to try to obtain but it also looks to be a resource that you will need plenty of in the future.

As far as I can tell, resin has a chance to drop from any tree your chop down but one tree in particular looks to have close to a 100% to drop it every time.

You should be on the lookout for any trees that have orange/yellow leaves. This should save you from pulling your hair just looking for drops. Good luck.

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  1. I discovered this earlier today as well. I was cutting hardwood in Revelwood when I struck one of the red-leafed trees. It dropped four sap from that one legendary tree, then went on to the next, getting two sap, and so on. Out of ten trees, I had about twenty resin-producing trees; one gave me nothing, but the others all dropped some. There must be a 95% chance that one will drop sap.

  2. Regardless of the color of the leaves, in my experience, medium-sized and larger trees yield at least one resin.

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