ELDEN RING – Quick Guide to Fighting Margit

This guide will detail the easiest method I know of to kill Margit without summoning other players.

How to Beat Margit


Hello everyone, I love Elden Ring and I love helping people with it. I’m currently at over 500 hours, and I’m sitting at the cap of 10 characters most of which I’ve cleared the base game with.

This guide is to share the strategy I use to kill Margit early when I start as a Wretch. Using this method I usually kill Margit between levels 7-10 on my first try, and then with a few minor alterations I go straight to Godrick. It does not detail everything you could do to get an edge in the fight; Rather, it focuses on things that are quick to get and effective.

The Items You’ll Need

  1. Lone Wolf Ashes.
  2. Lordsworn Greatsword.

The lone wolf ashes come from the Church of Elleh. This is the church behind the Tree Sentinel guarding the road when you first get out into the open world. Once you have acquired Torrent at the Gatefront Ruins, go back to the Church of Elleh at night to receive the summon and the bell to summon them.

Next is the Lordsworn Greatsword. This can be obtained at the Gatefront Ruins very close to the “Gatefront” site of grace. There is a black carriage with a chest in the front behind the guard.

Optional: You can farm the guards at the GR for a little bit to get some armor to up your damage reduction early if you didn’t start with any.

Why These Items?

The reason I recommend using these items to easily kill Margit is because he is very weak to being stance broken.

The Lordsworn Greatsword has extra damage on critical strikes—like when Margit gets stance broken—and also seems like it may do some additional poise damage compared to other greatswords. It also has very reasonable attribute requirements requiring only 10 Dexterity and 16 Strength(11 if you two-hand it) that allows it to work for pretty much everyone early with minimal investment.

Lone Wolf Ashes summons three wolves who provide a great quantity of attacks to aid in stance breaking and are very helpful versus bosses who don’t have a lot of strong AoE attacks.

Additional Preparation

These are some further things you can do to make the fight easier on yourself if you like.

  • After meeting the requirements for the Lordsworn Greatsword, increase your vigor. You will do plenty of damage if you upgrade your weapon so instead of putting more in damage raise your vigor.
  • Go through Limgrave Tunnels south of the Gatefront Ruins in the lake and collect enough smithing stones to get your sword to +3.(Strongly recommended, screenshot below)
  • Go to the Bestial Sanctum for the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman (Video below).
  • Collect easy Golden Seeds from golden trees and Sacred Tears from churches in Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula to upgrade your flasks.

Actually Fighting Margit

From the start, you have a choice to make. Just before Margit’s boss arena there is a golden sign on the right side to summon Rogier. Rogier is super helpful, he draws aggro and contributes a lot to stance breaking Margit. However, summoning Rogier will increase Margit’s maximum health and may cause Margit to keep switching targets, making him less predictable which may cause you to take more hits than you would have otherwise.

Generally, I would recommend summoning Rogier. He pulls his weight well in the fight. If you choose not to summon him, however, Margit is really squishy and is mostly focused on you which may make him easier to dodge and punish.

Your next choice is about how you’ll fight. This is primarily a choice between spamming jump attacks for stance breaks and running away, or actually swinging your weapon when Margit gives you an opening.

  • Jump attacks are safer but your overall DPS will be lower than if you can dodge and punish efficiently. This allows you to let a summon take aggro so you can safely hit Margit and back off. Summons all tend to die with this method leaving you to 1v1 Margit when he’s low on health. This method is also useful if your stamina isn’t super high.
  • If you can dodge Margit’s attacks and keep swinging your sword your damage output will be much higher and all of your summons will survive longer since Margit is swinging at you and not them. Often Rogier and your summons will still be alive at the end with this method.
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