Against the Storm – Some Tips When Starting Out

Some tips to get you started.

Tips to Start

Upgrade your hub to encampment before first storm comes

AtS cycles through 3 seasons: Drizzle, Clearance, and Storm. In storm season there will always be a negative effect “looming darkness” active which causes -4 + -4 x hostility levels to global resolve. that means:

  • At hostility 0, you have -4 resolve penalty
  • At hostility 1, you have -10 resolve penalty
  • At hostility 2, you have -16 resolve penalty

Humans have base resolve at 15, Beavers at 10, Harpies and Lizards at 5. At hostility 1 you will be losing Harpies/Lizard in the storm

3 shelters + 4 comfort decorations will upgrade your hub to encampment, which gives global +2 resolve bonus for being sheltered is +3, with little wood and bulider’s elbow grease you can secure most of your villagers in early stage.

Unassign woodcutters durning the storm

Woodcutters raises hostility by a significant amount and hostility is your major source of pain. If you do not have strong infrastructure to boost resolve, chances are you will be sitting at 2/3 at year 1~3.

You can reduce hostility easily by just unassign them to other jobs and keep your hostility low. You can build extra woodcutter’s camp(it’s only costs 2 parts which is lowest in camps) so you can get more wood durning the safe seasons.

Commute matters: keep your camp/workers close to storages/resource nodes

Some of base building game is more a spreadsheet game where worker teleports the entire globe the moment you assign them to a job. In AtS this is not the case. Time spent walking is time wasted for not doing anything meaningful. You will want to minimize the the walking time for all your walkers. Gatherer’s camp(Woodcutters/Stonecutters/Scavengers…) can be moved instantly for no cost and you can adjust camp position all the time. Facing of the camp also matters.

For industry workers you want the building to be as close to the storage as possible. I recommend to put them inline of the line of your main storage to minimize their work time.

A rule of thumb: if the distance is longer than a screen, you should build a storage. Deleting structures in this game gives you full refund unless you are under the “corrosive torrent” modifier so be liberal on those storages.

Villagers don’t really “use” Shelters/Houses

Villagers don’t walk into their home to rest or doing anything, as long as a shelter is within hearth’s range they will be content and never go to their home at all. You can just stick them somewhere out of the way and call it a day.

Farming are great, but beware of the caveats

Farms are the only true “renewable” resources in the game. Besides Sparkdew(tho application for Sparkdew is very limited). You only need man-hour and theoretically you have infinite corps at your disposal.

Farmers can only sow in Drizzle and harvest the crops in Clearance. any crops unharvested or is harvesting at the start of storm will be lost instantly. Without upgrades, depending on how far your farm to the hearth and storage. a single farm of 2 slots can not fully utilise typical 10 tile+ farm fields. You will want two farm building to tend those plots.

During storm season farmer will “plow” the field to give that tile 10% change for double the yield. If you think the manpower is better used elsewhere. You should assign them elsewhere during the storm.

The way farm working means they are unlike gathers which you get resources immediately once the worker starts working. The first harvest will only come at end of clearance. If the settlement is having as starvation problem, farm will not help until very late.

Raw food/resources are rare, multiply them with advanced recipes

In most cases you create more quantities of high tiered goods from lesser, raw materials.They are good for both trading(you get more sale value from the same amount of raw materials) and more importantly, food.

A typical dangerous glade offers you around 200 or so charges of material, there will be a time without perks/cornerstones, your gatherers can not keep up the food demand from your growing population, you will want a complex food production ready and multiply them.

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