Victoria 3 – Resources Needed by People

So, since I had my own market, it was simple for me to identify the resources I was lacking. But now that I’m a part of a bigger picture, how can I know what’s vital and what isn’t? With the resources I have, how can I acquire an overview?

Resources Needed by People

Its tricky…

Go to the market overview. Check prices sort them. Import expensive one (or build them) and export the cheap ones.

If you want a more robust eco. less dependend of other nations see in the trad route tab (still market) which ressources gets imported from other nations a lot. Build them yourself and boost them with your own money if needed. So they are able to compete with foreign factorys in your own market this should push out imports over time and dont forget to set tarifs on imports you dont want. Also for export. If you export goods you want to keep for your own market… tarifs.

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