DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – Useful Tips and Tricks

I decided to write this guide to help people understand some things the game does not teach you.

Tips and Tricks

For Survivors

  1. When there are two keys left, its best to get one to 90% then finish when the other key goes in. Getting both keys in simultaneously prevents the raider from guarding one location and possibly costing you the game. Ideally you want to charge all keys to 90% then put them in at the same time, but the idea is the same keep the raider from camping.
  2. At the start of the game rush keys for areas that have good escape time machine locations. The area C with mushrooms is a great example of this.
  3. Its OK to let teammates die. I often see four people rushing to pick up a fallen survivor. This is fine if the raider is not nearby. If he is then your likely just giving him a free kill.
  4. Do not assemble at the time machine once the raider starts to destroy it and the charge is low. This will result in feeding the raider. What you want to do is hide until the time machine is around 80-90%. Then the survivors should attack the raider to stall for time. Attacking before this is certainly a loss if the raider has high hp and level 3 or higher.
  5. If you get the dragon balls the best wish is usually “I want to be stronger”. Once you are level 4 make sure not to fly high as this will cause other survivors to be unable to help you. Rather, you want to hide until other survivors start to go in and generally keep low to preserve health. Once the raider is locked down in melee from your team, spam your special technique (RB button). This will cause alot of damage to the raider. So far I believe the best ability to be special beam cannon. (because it is near instant and does a butt-ton of damage).

For Raiders

  1. Camping the area where the last key to be plugged in is makes it much easier to win. Even better if they show you where it is. Then camp that spot and its a free win.
  2. When there are 4 survivors alive and only one area that needs the escape key plugged in, then down the one of them them and blow up the area that needs the key. This will summon the start up machine and Trunks will no longer send the escape time machine beacon.
  3. If a survivor is reviving a person, pretend you do not see it and keep an eye on them. Once the person is revived shoot them for a free kill and a possible second.
  4. It is good to use your area destruction on places that have good time machine escape locations. A good example of this is blowing up the mushroom area C since it is easy for the survivors to escape here.
  5. Start to destroy the start up time machine once it arrives, this will draw the less experienced out of hiding into a fight they cannot win. If they hide behind the time machine, fly higher directly above it and rain death on them.
  6. When the start up time machine spawns, destroy it for 3/4 of the bar. This will cause it to stuck at 3/4 destroyed, after this hunt the survivors to your leisure. Once the time machine reaches 50-60% consider destroying it before the survivors have any hope of stopping you.
  7. If someone is starting to summon the escape time machine in front of you, let them. Then destroy it. Cha-ching.
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