STALCRAFT – How to Get the Shrek Achievement

In this little guide, I’ll show you how to get a secret achievement for exploring the “Swamp” location.


Hello brave Zone researchers! Today I will show you how to get a secret achievement for exploring a location.

There are enough such achievements in the game and they all encourage inquisitive researchers who study every nook and cranny of the Zone.

Now there will be one of these achievements, which refers to the movie “Shrek”.

Location of Shrek’s House:


To get the achievement, nothing complicated is required, you just need to go to Shrek’s house.

What the achievement looks like (Completed on RU server):

Congratulations, now you have ONE of the secret achievements in the game STALCRAFT. Keep exploring the Zone and its secrets, don’t be afraid to go into the darkest places of the Zone!

After all, thanks to such Stalkers and Bandits, we find the most intimate secrets of the Zone! Who knows… Maybe YOU will solve the next riddle of the Zone?

Have a good hunt in the Zone, Stalkers and Bandits. Remember: don’t try to eat “The seeds”.

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