Death Stranding – How to Make Giving Likes Easier

How to set up turbo so you can just press and hold the like button.

Tired of Spamming the Like Button? How to Make Giving Likes Easier

Open Controller configs for the game

Easiest way is to press Shift+Tab while playing and click here:

Select the button that is currently used for ‘Like’

I play with PS4 controller so for me it was the right touchpad button. Click on it.

Select the space listing what the button does

It should say ‘Call out’. Click here, but we are not changing the input, just turning on the turbo setting.

Set ‘Hold to Repeat (Turbo) to ON

You may also want to increase the Repeat Rate.

That’s it! Now you can press and hold the button to give many likes at once.

See it in action:

This should work for any controller, not sure if it will work for Keyboard controls but I imagine you could set it up following similar steps.

Hope this guide was helpful.

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