PUBG: Battlegrounds – How to Get Free Items

How to Earn

As far as I know there are three ways to get skins:

  • Earn BP (Battle Point).
  • Earn G-COIN.
  • Challenges.

BP (Battle Point)

To earn BP you just need to play game and complete the challenges.

How to Find Challenges

  • In main menu, from top-right side click on airdrop box.
  • Once you open airdrop box, you can see 4 sort of Challenges(events).
  • Click on each one and click join event, by completing them you will get skins.
  • There are couple of Challenges too, which gives you Coupons, you can use Coupons to open HIDEOUT case, also these Challenges give you 1800 G-COIN which you can buy item in store menu or you can open 10 HIDEOUT case.
  • Each HIDEOUT case have their own special weapon skins, scraps and Polymers.

There are two type of weapon skins:

  • Marketable (you can sell them in steam market).
  • Not marketable (sorry you cant sell them).

What if you get scraps, with each 10 scraps you get a Coupon or weapon skins(need a lot of scraps).

How about Polymers? Polymers are use to upgrade weapons.


  • If you open a case with G-COIN and you get a weapon skin(marketable type).
  • There will be cooldown for few days to sell.

How to Buy Coupons by BP

  • In store menu, click on Items tab then form left-side click on Utility and buy a Coupon.
  • Each Coupon cost 800 BP.

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