Icarus – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

This post will cover some basic Icarus starting instructions. Because this is a beginner’s guide, I will concentrate on the first mission’s region. Let’s start with the mission timer.

New Players Tips and Tricks

The Mission Timer Is In Real-Time

The in-game timer is one of the most important things to remember. The timer will start at six days for your first few missions. The timer is real and the six days are actual. So if you play on a Friday with a six-day schedule then play again on Sunday, the timer will be four.

If you have a hectic schedule and can’t find time to play a new quest, bear this in mind. Before you begin, check the time restriction; if it does not fit into your plan, consider waiting. The time restriction may often provide you with more time than is required to complete the mission. If this is the case, you may complete the assignment in a few days without worrying about your real-life activities interfering with the game.

Gather Everything

You may collect a variety of things while running around Icarus, ranging from flowers and fruit to iron and bones.

Almost every action will provide you with some kind of reward in the form of experience. This means you may quickly gain experience by gathering fiber, sticks, and berries while running through a forest.

It’s also beneficial to have a supply of resources on hand as a backup. You may put any vital objects inside after you obtain the blueprint for storage chests. If you do happen to die, you’ll have backup supplies on hand.

Basic Tools Are A Must

Despite the fact that you are basically an astronaut, you must begin with the fundamentals, such as stone and wooden tools. You will eventually be able to acquire more complex tools, but don’t forget to create your basic tools at the start of the game.

With only a few basic tools, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot of objectives. These tools don’t take a lot of time to make and can get the job done. Furthermore, simple tools may be quickly repaired using wood or stone.

Craft Armor

You will be able to unlock several armor kinds as you go through the game. Armor may seem to be superfluous, yet it is not. Armor grants you benefits such as weather protection and increased speed.

Given that you will spend most of your time running about in Icarus, speed is quite vital. You’ll get a 5% speed boost if you equip the complete cloth armor set. This is a fantastic investment when combined with speed increases from skill points.

Settle Near Your Shuttle

Icarus is a massive planet with lots of space to dwell. Try to stay close to the shuttle you land in during your first few flights. There may be hazardous creatures in this region, but they won’t be anything you can’t manage.

You will respawn at a random location if you die without a respawn point chosen (using a bedroll) and no one to help you. This ‘random’ position is almost always near your shuttle. It won’t take long for you to return now that you’ve settled near the shuttle.

Don’t Forget About Basic Necessities

Oxygen, hunger, and thirst are all basic requirements. When you initially arrive on Icarus, this should be your first priority. Let’s talk about each one of these necessities below.

  1. Oxygen: Icarus may resemble Earth in appearance, but the atmosphere is hazardous to your health. To overcome this, you’ll have an oxygen tank that has to be refilled on a regular basis. This may be done with both raw oxide and an oxidizer.
  2. Hunger: You may hunt for critters and pick fruits and vegetables that grow around Icarus to satisfy your hunger. Berries are a fantastic source of food since they grow almost everywhere and are simple to pick. You’ll be able to cook meats and other meals after you’ve built a campfire.
  3. Thirst: Thirst is easy to control; just drink water from any nearby water source, such as a lake or stream. While this may satisfy your thirst, you run the danger of developing an illness such as dysentery. This status effect will gradually go away, but it might be harmful if your health is already low. You will ultimately be able to acquire equipment that creates clean water by progressing through the tech tree.

Large Bases Aren’t Important

Base construction is a big part of a lot of survival games. However, no construction in Icarus is permanent. You will return to space when the task is completed, leaving everything behind. This implies that any massive bases you construct will vanish.

As a result, you don’t need to put as much emphasis on a large, attractive foundation. It’s completely okay to have a tiny cabin with simply a few essentials such as chests, a bedroll, and a cooking area.

Shelter From The Storm

Soon after you arrive on Icarus, storms will tend to appear. Light rain to strong and devastating thunderstorms are all possible outcomes of these storms. Even if a substantial base isn’t necessary, you’ll still need shelter from the weather. Please see the list below for some of my shelter suggestions.

  • Construct a tiny, strong hut to shelter you and your valuables in the event of a storm.
  • Settle in an empty cave. Caves may be found near cliffs; just make sure there aren’t any cave worms within.
  • Using a pickaxe, hollow out large rock and settle inside. Rocks are sturdy and can sustain you, a bedroll, and a campfire.

Running Away Is Okay

The animals you come across on a quest might be scary; they can be up to 20 levels higher than you. It’s OK to flee if you come across a frightening monster that is too powerful for you. In stealth mode, creatures won’t notice you right away. This provides you with a window of opportunity to flee without being seen.

Although killing a giant beast can provide you with a lot of experience, it is preferable to avoid them and escape death.

You should now be familiar with the fundamentals of Icarus. Get out there and begin your journey!

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