Cult of the Lamb – How to Level Up Follower Loyalty

How to Level Up Follower Loyalty

Loyalty is an important factor in Cult of the Lamb, as it measures a progress for a Follower’s level while they are in your cult. This may seem pointless as you’re the one who is doing the fighting, but there are several benefits to higher level cultists.

Leveling up a Follower will give you a huge burst of Devotion when you speak to them, and they will in turn be better at giving your more points when you do your daily Sermons. In addition to the Devotion, they’ll also give you a Commandment Fragment, and every 3 you get equals a new Doctrine you can issue to make your cult run smoother, so it’s worth your while to stockpile these.

Even better – there are certain tasks you can assign your Followers to do that will have noticeable benefits for higher level Followers. Once you build the Missionary and Summoning Circle, you can assign Followers to either go out into the world and bring back resources, or assist you as a floating demon in the next Crusade. Their chance of surviving their mission, and their demonic abilities will be enhanced depending on their Loyalty level.

The good news is there are a lot of ways to increase a Follower’s Loyalty, and you should take advantage of these opportunities whenever you can:

  • Bless, Inspire, Intimidate, and Bribe – Each day, you’ll have a few different Follower Actions you can perform when interacting with your cultists. At the start of your journey, you can only Bless them for a bit of Loyalty increase, but soon with the right Doctrines, you’ll be able to either Inspire or Intimidate them, and even Bribe them with gold for even more loyalty. This action can only be done once per day, but it’s worth making the rounds when supervising your camp between Crusades.
  • Temple Activities – Speaking of things you can do per day, there’s a host of activities you can perform in your Temple to make your Followers like you even more. Your daily Sermon will not only increase Faith, but boost Follower Loyalty as well, as will declaring new Doctrines with the commandment fragments they give you as they level up. In addition to these, certain Rituals will also boost the Loyalty of your flock, like ascending a Follower you are willing to part ways with. You can even eventually unlock a Doctrine to make a Follower a Loyalty Enforcer, whose sole job it will be to make sure your cultists love you, at all costs.
  • Complete Quests – Stand around long enough in your camp, and your cultists will occasionally greet you with a request. These can range from finding them specific items, welcoming new guests who may carry baggage, or pranking other Followers. No matter how bizarre the quests are, it’s better to complete them when they show up, as you’ll get a huge boost of Loyalty for showing that you care.
  • Give Gifts – Be on the lookout for large chests as you are out Crusading, as sometimes you may find rewards in the form of small necklaces. These can be given to Followers when issuing orders, and not only do they provide the Follower with added bonuses, they’ll also get a big boost of Loyalty. Of course, you can only give them one gift, and they tend to take the gift with them when they die… but you will have the option to loot their corpse after preparing it for a burial – just make sure your other Followers are out of sight or fast asleep before you do some grave robbing!
  • 3 Star Meals – As a Cult Leader, you aren’t that great of a cook, and early on everything you make will pretty much suck. Luckily, towards the end of the game, you’ll start getting access to some real good ingredients, and by ensuring a steady supply of these through farming and missionary work, you can craft some excellent meals for your team. In particular, the Magnificent Mixed Meal and Splendid Vegetable Feast have high chances to increase your Follower Loyalty, in addition to solving any hunger issues.
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