Cult of the Lamb – Controls

Controls for Each Type of Input

The game will teach you the controls as you play but just in case any of you forgot, here’s a quick reminder.

Interact / Proceed Dialogue:

  • E / Left Click (PC)
  • A (Xbox)
  • Cross (PlayStation)
  • B (Switch)


  • WASD (PC),
  • Left Thumbstick (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)


  • Space (PC),
  • B (Xbox),
  • Circle (PlayStation),
  • A (Switch)


  • K / Left Click (PC),
  • X (Xbox)
  • Square (PlayStation)
  • Y (Switch)


  • L / Right Click
  • Y (Xbox)
  • Triangle (PlayStation)
  • X (Switch)

Meditate / Speed Up Time (Only while in your Cult area):

  • L (PC)
  • Y (Xbox)
  • Triangle (PlayStation)
  • X (Switch)

Viewing Inventory / Stats / Quests:

  • Tab (PC)
  • Menu (Xbox)
  • Press Touchpad (PlayStation)
  • Minus (Switch)

Returning to Cult while in Dungeon (Only after getting the Focus upgrade):

  • Q (PC)
  • Left Trigger (Xbox)
  • L2 (PlayStation)
  • ZL (Switch)


  • B (PC)
  • Press Right Thumbstick (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch)

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