Cepheus Protocol Experimental Branch – Tips to Quarantine the Virus

How to Quarantine the Virus

Stage 1: Deployment phase

  • You will be given command of 1 sparrow transporting x1 engineer x1 winters x1 soldier.
  • It is important to detect the virus and then cut it off from spreading further do this by securing the bridges or choke points early on with fencing and a lot of pew pew.

Stage 2: Evacuation and recon phase

  • Upon securing the bridge and being comfortable with its defences now you must get more funding recruit engineers and send them to different areas in your “safe zone” to initiate an evacuation/ martial law order build the big yellow tent…
  • Now you have some income its time to find out the scope of the infection past your mighty walls.
    Use recon drones patrolling wide areas to locate patient zeros lieutenants.

Stage 3: (F.O.B) “Forward operating base”

  • Its time to take the fight to the enemy by setting up right in their backyard, recruit a suitable transport to do a blitz.
  • Like run to the pre planned designated area (suitable areas include natural cover, open space , overlapping fields of fire).
  • Hold off the enemy until your engineers fence off the area and fortify it to withstand hercules on a bad day if possible evacuate civilians.

Stage 4: Destroying targets of opportunity and high value phase

  • Using mobile artillery or stationary begin a bombardment of hive sites while sending out small armed convoys to collect DNA and set up roadblocks expanding your area of influence.
  • If you so choose you may have multiple (f.o.b) operating in this area.
  • Alternatively take a few soldiers armed with javelins and hunt the towers with overwhelming firepower.

Stage 5: The hunt for patient zero

  • At this stage your armed convoys have collected enough infected DNA to unlock shredder rounds in your HQ and its time to send your best trained soldiers to track down and kill patient zero arm your soldiers with rockets and high powered rifles it would be wise to send a platoon of men to completely surround and cut off patient zero, an added benefit would be an attack helicopter providing over watch.
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