Level Zero – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Closed Beta only be held on PC?

The upcoming one—yes. We are looking into the possibility of organizing open playtests on consoles in the future.

When will the game come out?

We will reveal the release date as soon as we are ready.

What platforms are you folks looking at for the launch?

PC is confirmed. We also want to release the game for major consoles; please keep your eyes peeled for official announcements on this!

Will there be crossplay for the multiplayer?

We can’t confirm or deny this as of yet; we would definitely like to do that if possible, though.

Will you be able to customize your character?

Cosmetic customization options will be available for scientists and alien creatures.

Will you gain XP while playing as a scientist or alien creature?

Yes. Playing as a scientist or alien creature will grant you experience; we plan on adding daily activities to allow players to obtain extra XP.

Will the game’s horror element be more focused on tension or jump scares?

We want Level Zero’s horror to be defined by the feelings of claustrophobia, isolation, and being constantly hunted. Darkness will play a major role in the game, as the main mechanics are built around using light to fight off alien creatures. Playings as the creatures, your goal will be to kill sources of light to render the humans vulnerable.

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