CARRION – All Containment Units Locations

Containment units locations and brief videos (no comments) on how to solve their puzzles to get DNA.

All Containment Units

Containment Unit No. 1

  • Containment unit no.1 is in the Hazardous Waste Landfill.
  • You can find it after the second hive and towards the exit.
  • Get rid of the two guards with automatic rifle in the hallway, enter the door and smash the unit, after devouring the two scientist.
  • This “DNA” will unlock the “Echolocation” ability that will allow you to “locate edible corpses”.

Containment Unit No. 2

  • Containment unit no. 2 is in the Frontier region and you can find it towards the entrance of BSL-4 Research Ward.
  • You must have “Xiphorrhea” ability that allows you to break through wooden barricades.
  • Smash the wooden barricade next to the entrance by the fan and enter the room.
  • In the room, you will find the containment unit which gives you DNA with the “Polycheiria” passive “grow a second prehensile tentacle”.

Containment Unit No. 3

  • This containment unit is in the Uranium Mines.
  • You must already have these abilities absorbed: “Xiphorrhea”, “Photokinesis” and “Hydrophilia”. Containment unit no. 3 is after the first hive.
  • Use “Xiphorrhea” to smash the wooden barrier and go down in the room by using “Hydrophilia”. Once inside pull the switch to open the door and activate the lasers, use “Photokinesis” to avoid the lasers and use your cobweb to recharge your energy level in order to get past the lasers.
  • Absorbing this DNA will give you “Electrosis” ability that is “maximum energy level increased”.

Containment Unit No. 4

  • Containment unit no. 4 is in the Botanical Gardens.
  • You will find an automated rifle guard patrolling a room behind a door on the left of the hive.
  • Reach the guard using the “Parasitism” ability through the water at the bottom left.
  • Use the guard to open the door.
  • Switch back to the amorphous being and enter to the left.
  • Enter the door and flip the lever – right door will open while left door will close.
  • Get the same previous guard to the bottom between the two doors.
  • Enter the doors and flip the lever again – right door will close and left one will open, but the dead guard is inside
  • Use “Parasitism” to get control of the guard once again and climb the stair until the top, switch the lever – now both doors blocking the entrance to the containment unit will open.
  • Absorb the DNA “Pyrophilia” passive that gives you “fire resistance increased”.

Containment Unit No. 5

  • Containment unit no. 5 is in the Leviathan Reef Base – not the Bridge.
  • You must already have the following abilities: “Hydrophilia”, “Harpagorrhea” and “Keratosis”.
  • Use the “Harpagorrhea” to unblock the pipe to the right.
  • Swim through the tube with energy fully charged and resist the first explosive using “Keratosis”.
  • Recharge your energy using the switch on the top left, then flip the lever on the top right – doing so will close the right door and open the left door close to the electric switch.
  • Now go through the second explosives using “Keratosis” again.
  • Fully recharge your energy at the electric switch at the top and go past the third and last explosive.
  • Containment unit no. 5 you will award you with the “Pyrophilia” passive that increases fire resistance.

Containment Unit No. 6

  • Containment unit no. 6 is at the exit of the Relith Science HQ to the right.
  • You must already have “Photokinesis” and “Harpagorrhea” ability – the latter is to pull the blockage in the passage to the containment unit.
  • Deposit your biomass outside, once or twice, you need to use “Photokinesis” to become invisible.
  • Enter and go through the door, flip the lever to make the laser appear and open the door below.
  • Go past the laser with “Photokinesis” and flip the lever on the left in order to open the gate above the red pool water.
  • Go back from the bottom left where you deposited your biomass and absorb it – then release this very biomass in the red pool water where you opened the gate.
  • Use “Photokinesis” to get past the laser, flip the lever below the laser again – the door above the pool will close and the door below the pool will open, so your biomass will slide down to the red pool at the bottom.
  • Absorb your biomass again and smash the wooden barricade.
  • Get the DNA “Electrosis”.

Containment Unit No. 7

  • Containment unit no. 7 is in the Nuclear Power Plant.
  • You must have “Harpagorrea”, “Photokinesis”, “Keratosis” and “Parasitism” abilities.
  • In the water use “Harpagorrea” to pull the plug below and swim down the pipe – also your energy must be full.
  • Use “Keratosis” to shield against the first explosive on the right – there is a red pool on the right.
  • Go down below, remove the grid from the electrical switch and fully recharge.
  • Enter the door and flip the lever – this will activate the laser and will open the door on the right.
  • Shred the guard below and use “Parasitism”, send the very guard towards the door on the bottom left, grab the second explosive, explode and break that door.
  • Slide down using the tunnel on the right, break the unit and absorb the DNA “Electrosis”, “maximum energy level increased”.

Containment unit No. 8

  • Containment unit no. 8 is in the Armored Warfare Facility
  • It is in the Armored Warfare Facility by the exit.
  • Use the recently (?) acquired “Keratosis” to break the door on the right by bringing down the explosive.
  • Squeeze in the door and smash the unit to absorb “Electrosis”.

Containment Unit No. 9

  • Containment unit no. 9 is in the Bunker – the last level.
  • It is close to the first nuclear core you see.
  • Smash and kill and squeeze in the black door.
  • Break the unit to absorb “Polycheiria” – “grow a third prehensile tentacle”.
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