Outer Wilds – How to Get to the Ash Twin Project

This guide is intended for those that checked everything and still can’t figure out how to get there (if you haven’t checked everything you shouldn’t use this guide).

Getting to the Teleporter

As you should know, the chamber where the project recides is sealed so the only way in is through a teleporter on Ash twins surface, This teleporter is the one that has a broken roof and is only accesible at around 6 minutes after the loop starts (you can doze off at a campfire to wait less).

Getting In

Now this is the part that confused me, i figured out this was the way in but because the sand pillar doesn’t allow you to teleport i thought i was missing something. Turns out what you have to do is stay in an area with a roof until the teleporter is covered in sand and then run towards it, you can tell when you can teleport by placing your prove on the platform before the sand arrives.

That’s it. Enjoy your stay on Ash twins core.

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