Brotato – Tips for Pacifist

Tips for Pacifist

Hands and Tasers (4 + 2) works pretty well. You don’t win with a particular build on this char, you build with particular stats. Mainly Speed (people often underestimate this stat, it’s very important ESPECIALLY on a char designed to avoid enemies). You want at least 15 Speed for Wave 11 (Mummies catch you easily otherwise), and more than 30 for bosses. (and Old Tooth + Snail if you see them).

If you DO find a Flamethrower, you can invest into Lifesteal and have a very good regen. You won’t kill much except small mobs with it, but it’s a plus.

Otherwise Lifesteal is still decent, but not amazing with Hands and Tasers. You can take some of it, but Pacifist is one of these rare classes that can benefit from HP Regen (you won’t get fruits from enemies so Luck isn’t great).

As for the rest, you obviously forget any offensive stats. And besides Speed, invest into Armor, HP and Dodge. Dodge should be easy to cap since you have some from the Unarmed set and you don’t need to take any offensive stats.

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