The Oregon Trail – All Classes (How to Unlock Them)

All classes available in Gamelofts The Oregon Trail. Complete with brief descriptions and how to unlock them.

Original Classes

These 4 classes are given to you at the start o the game;


  • Starter Item : Guidebook
  • Description: A good “all around” character with balanced skills, no specializations.
  • How to Unlock: Unlocked at Start


  • Starter Item : $50
  • Description: Tends to have high wit skill, helping with “Haggle” options. Tends to have lower survival skills.
  • How to Unlock: Unlocked at Start


  • Starter Item : Harmonica
  • Description: Better at tending animals, specifically oxen.
  • How to Unlock: Unlocked at Start


  • Starter Item : Books of Hymns
  • Description: Gains 2x composure skill for using a Book of Hymns. Tends to have high attitude and composure.
  • How to Unlock: Unlocked at Start

Unlockable Classes

The Following 6 classes are unlocked through basic play through;


  • Starter Item : Toolbox
  • Description: Better at repairing wagons and any other repair requests.
  • How to Unlock: After the completion of the journey “Ka Boom”.


  • Starter Item : Trail Map
  • Description: High way finding skill, High survival rate, essentially a higher skilled Adventurer.
  • How to Unlock: After the completion of the “Rendevous” journey.

Mountain Man (Woman)

  • Starter Item : Knife
  • Description: Better at hunting, higher shooting skill. High survival.
  • How to Unlock: After the completion of the “Bitter Winter” journey.


  • Starter Item : 3 Medicine
  • Description: High Medical skill, higher success rate with no medicine, higher chance of success healing animals.
  • How to Unlock: After the completion of the “Winter Migration” journey.


  • Starter Item : 3 Nitroglycerin
  • Description: Better at collecting gold. Lowers the chance of a nitro explosion occurring in your wagon. Can collect gold while visiting campsites.
  • How to Unlock: After the completion of the “The California Trail” journey.


  • Starter Item : 5 Animal Traps
  • Description: Better at hunting and trapping animals by claiming more meat and/or pelts.
  • How to Unlock: After the completion of the journey “A Fur Trade”.

Hidden Classes

The following 2 classes are “Hidden” on random events triggered in different journeys;


  • Starter Item : 25 Bait
  • Description: Better at fishing and locating Trophy fish. High attitude skill.
  • How to Unlock: Upon finding He-Dow at a fishing spot (random trigger) you have the option to attempt “He-Dow’s Fishing Challenge”. Achieving Master Angler Rank on the challenge will unlock the Angler Class.


  • Starter Item : Instrument Case
  • Description: Adds the option to “Play Music” when visiting camps along the trail. Doing so will raise the party’s morale.
  • How to Unlock: Meet Lewis Southworth and agree to buy him a fiddle starting the quest “The Ballad of Lewis Southworth”. In order to collect all members of the band, and buy the fiddle you will need to take the long route south along the Snake River. You must collect all members and instruments and watch the band play to complete the quest, thus unlocking the Musician Class.
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