Master Magistrate – Achievement Guide

Guide to get all the achievements.


  • Chapter 1 Complete
  • Chapter 1 Master
  • Chapter 2 Complete
  • Chapter 2 Master
  • Chapter 3 Complete
  • Chapter 3 Master
  • Chapter 4 Complete
  • Chapter 4 Master
  • Good Magistrate

Master Magistrate: Should pop once you’ve gotten all Chapter Master achievements.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1, Day 1: Trial

Incorrigible Shogi-Hound: Play the trial as normal, but whenever presenting evidence, first present the shogi piece, before presenting the correct evidence.

Death Wish: When given four options, select “Sakura lacks the skill”

Bully Pulpit: When given the options, choose “Yamanobe is lazy”, “Yamanobe is mean”, “Yamanobe is stupid”, before choosing the correct option

Flat Injustice: When given the option, choose “Kawai wouldn’t do that!”

Chapter 2

Chapter 2, Day 1 Trial

Glutton for Punishment: click both of Yuza Sakata’s red statements, and present the wrong evidence before the correct evidence, then select “And I had absolutely no reason to kill my husband” when it comes up.

Chapter 2, Day 2 Trial

No Damn Respect: click all of Tasuke’s red statements before continuing, and after selecting Battera as the witness, present the wrong evidence

Chapter 3

Chapter 3, Day 3 Trial

Defender of the Meek: When given the option, choose “Ootaki didn’t do it”

Yawn Inducing: When given the option, choose “You deal with Shichikasu”

Chapter 3, Day 4 Trial

Silly Ol Rat Boy: When given the option, choose “He’d forgotten how to steal things”

Chapter 4

Chapter 4, Day 3 Case

Bad Magistrate: When given the option, choose “Obey Yamanami-san”

Chapter 4, Day 4 Trial

Dead Magistrate: When given the option, choose “I’ll put my life on the line”, then choose the incorrect answer

True Magistrate: When given the option, choose “I’ll put my life on the line”, then complete the chapter (Not 100% sure if these are the requirements, but I ended up getting it doing this)

The People’s Magistrate: Once you’ve gotten every other “_ Magistrate” achievement, this should pop

Post-chapter 4

8-bit Riot: Go to settings>sound, and change soundtrack to MIDI

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