Brick Rigs – How to Make Custom Lights

I’m about to show you how to make custom lights for your vehicle!

How to Make Custom Lights!

Step #1

Okay. So for step one, all you need is a base vehicle that you want to replace with custom taillights. In this case, “Custom” refers to using standard base blocks instead of actual light blocks. Here’s my example without custom lights.

Now that you have a base vehicle, remove the taillights and replace them with solid blocks painted dark red like this.

Step #2

Now, we hide a 3×1 piston inside the car one block in from both the side and the back. set this piston’s speed to 10, its range to whatever you find works best, its input to brake and its mode to “Seeking”. It should look like this.

Now all we need to do is put a glowy-red version of the real taillight on the piston like this.

Step #3

Simply save your vehicle and test it! If it doesn’t work, check to make sure all the moving parts are completely detached from any other park of the vehicle except the piston itself.

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