Borderlands 2 – How to Fix Missing Config File/ Crash on Startup

After installation, the Game might not start and you have an error when apllying the settings in the Launcher. Follow these simple steps to get your game running.

Missing Config File/ Crash on Startup Fix

Diagnosing the Issue

When you start the game via Steam, a Launcher will open. There you find a Setiings menu. If you have the same issue I had, pressng apply in this menu will spit out an Error about a Config File and it will give you a File Path.

Also, attempts at launching the game will be futile with crashes at the latest till the loading screen.

If your game has these issues, then you have come to the right place as I have the solution.

The Fix

Remember the File Path the Error gave you previously? It’s important now (Everything here was done on Windows).

  • Step One

Open File explorer and go to where the File Path of the error is leading to

  • Step Two

Right Click and create a new Textfile. Name it Config.

  • Step Three

Restart the game and save your settings in the Launcher. The Game should launch now properly.

Now it should work and you can verify that by watching the game create the real Config folder at the place you just created the txt file.

If you want to you can delete the Text file now.

Doing this was just a stupid idea of mine that actually worked out. So now I’m creating this guide so you wont have to go through the same trouble shooting pain as I had to endure.

Enjoy the game and have fun.

Jan Bonkoski
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