CivCity: Rome – How to Fix Lazy Sleeping Workers

Guide on how to fix the lazy workers that sleep all day during work time.

Guide to Fix Lazy Sleeping Workers

Step 1

Open the folder where the game is located. You can go here by right-clicking the game in your Steam library, picking ‘Manage’ and then ‘Browse local files’.

Step 2

Find the ‘CivCity Rome.exe’ executable file in this folder and right-click it, then select ‘Properties’.

Step 3

In the ‘Compatibility’ tab, enable compatibility mode and set it to Windows 7, then press the ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’ button.

Step 4

Start the game normally (via Steam or executable) and see all your workers wake up and start working again.

Final Note

This does seem to break alt-tabbing the game for me for which I haven’t found a fix yet. So beware of that.

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