Borderlands 2 – How to Fix FPS Easy

I see a lot of “FPS Fix” guides but I’m too lazy to do all the steps so I figured out a simple way.

Easy FPS Fixing Guide

Ultra HD Texture Pack

It is not worth having the Ultra HD Texture Pack if you want your high FPS.

The graphics barely even change with the Ult HD. Besides the OG graphics give off that ps3/xbox360 nostalgia so it’s a win win in my opinion.

Also I tried putting the “Physx Effects” back to high and that still causes issues including FPS. Pretty sure you can set the rest of the settings to however you want.

How to Remove/Uninstall Ultra HD Texture Pack

Just in case you can’t figure out where to remove it

Step 1

  • Locate your game in the Library.

Step 2

  • Scroll down to the DLC stuff and click “Manage My ## DLC”.

Step 3

  • Uncheck the “Ultra HD Texture Pack”.

Step 4

  • Relaunch your game.

Hope this helped!

If it doesn’t then it could be a problem with specs.

My current specs

  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor
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  1. I downloaded the most recent version of DXVK, but neither the folder x32 nor any files in the.dll format were found. Has it changed, maybe? d3d9.def is the closest one I can find.

    • Indeed, I’m running Windows 10. According to the developer(s), they do not support DXVK installations on Windows.

      • That is strange.
        I’ll investigate; perhaps x32 hasn’t been updated recently.

        I’ve used DXVK for a few Windows games; some games support it, while others don’t.

    • Do you mean dxgi.dll?
      Although I wasn’t sure if it was necessary, I assumed it was.
      For the last game I used DXVK, it was required.

  2. You copied the incorrect files across, according to those experiencing crashes.
    For this game, you only need the 32-bit DX9 file; the 64-bit and other versions are not required.

    Please carefully read which files you actually need as different games may require different ones.

  3. The game doesn’t even launch when those two files are present in the W32 folder. The launcher briefly appears before shutting off.

  4. By any chance, this doesn’t resolve the “out of graphics memory” problem?

    Even though I can already play the game at its highest settings and consistently get well over 60 frames per second, there are still some parts that crash the game.

    For now, I was able to stop the game from crashing or freezing by going from windowed/borderless fullscreen to regular fullscreen; however, if and when this problem recurs, I may need to find a different solution.

    • I’m not sure if that gets fixed.

      Disabling the UHD textures could be helpful if crashes are frequent since they would likely increase VRAM usage.

      It might help with crashes because I haven’t experienced any, even after playing through the entire game on a 2GB 960 with DXVK.

  5. This game runs at a steady 60 frames per second during intense firefights with PhysX now thanks to DXVK’s amazing work!

    Additionally, there appears to be a lava remedy:

    “Inside ‘dxvk.conf’ add the line ‘d3d9.floatEmulation = strict’ to fix the missing lava at Vault of the Warrior.”

    Although I haven’t personally tested it yet, it ought to function.

    • Try utilizing the -nolauncher launch option; eschewing the launcher resolved a similar problem for me.

      If that doesn’t work, Vulkan might not be supported by your GPU.

  6. Observing this function better than any optimization concepts and endeavors Gearbox could ever devise is amusing and ironic.
    When I first got my PC, I bought it only to play Borderlands 2.
    I didn’t actually own the game until five years later, and no matter what settings I tried, it ran like absolute garbage.
    This game is saved by DXVK on his own.
    I can now run the game at a constant 144 frames per second without experiencing any lag, in addition to being able to turn up all of the settings, including physX.

    Even though Gearbox never meant for the injector to assist with games like BL2, they still owe the DXVK developers for their labor.

  7. Okay, so I did it, and as a result, the warrior vault’s lava is completely gone now.

  8. My 2015 work laptop runs 20 to 60 frames per second at maximum settings with the hd shaders enabled—that is, at maximum 16x and all of that.

  9. Functions perfectly! My testing has shown me insane performance gains, especially considering how badly BL2 runs on Windows 10. I started the game overlooking the Southern Shelf and have increased my average frame rate from 80 to 120.

    If someone reads this in the future, be prepared for a fresh install to stutter while shaders compile. There will only be one instance of this.

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X RTX 2080 Super

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