Bopl Battle – How to Stay in The Air Forever

This guide shows the best combo in the game that lets you stay in the air indefinitely and just wait for all your opponents to die by themselves.

Perfect strategy for annoying your friends and achieving maximum enjoyment in the game. It also has the bonus of unlocking the best achievement in the game.

How to Stay in The Air Forever and Annoy Your Friends

The Abilities to Use

It is very important that you select the correct abilities for this to work. You also need to play on 3 abilities to do this strategy so make sure the Abilities setting is set to 3 for the lobby.

Then you need to select your abilities. We are going to use dash on all three slots. The dash ability lets your bopl slime guy move almost instantaneous a short distance in the aiming direction.

If you have setup your abilities correctly it should look like this in the lobby.

Choosing the orange colour is optional, but it does get you a small advantage since that is the best colour in the game.

How to Play The Strategy

To actually execute the strategy is rather simple. All you do is dash up into the air with your first dash and then before you fall down below where you were, you dash again with the second dash. Then as you start falling you dash again with your third dash.

When you have used your third dash your first dash should be off cooldown before you start falling too much so you can just keep repeating the steps and stay in the air forever. You can even dash a bit to the sides as well to avoid attacks from your opponents.

Below you can see a short video demonstration of how it works.

Go Get Dashing

Now you have all the knowledge needed to go out there and make some really nice triple dash plays. Thanks for reading my guide.

P.S. Don’t you also think it would be awesome if Bopl Battle had hat cosmetics? If you do, could you please help me by asking the developer to consider adding some sort of hat dlc in the future. It would be so fun if everyone had different funny hats on their bopl slime guys.

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