VPet-Simulator – The Best Way to Get EXP in Mid / End Game

I will explain everything about the cheaper way to get EXP buying gifts.

Mid / End Game EXP Guide

Let I do the maths

The cheaper way to get EXP from gifts is buying the $444 Very Good Mic.

Ok, now really starting, lets do the maths.

$444 Very Good Mic gives 2500 EXP, and is the cheaper of the all if buy many times, and i will explain why.

The $897 Very Good Mic gives 5000 EXP, but buy two of the cheaper gives the same EXP and is $11 cheaper.

Same thing for everything, i saw every gift and the $444 Very Good Mic give more EXP with less money, if you dont trust do the maths yourself, APhone X and Inter i5-8400 gives 5000 EXP too, but all is more expensive than two $444 Very Good Mic.

Super Good Mic, Inter i7-11700 and APhone 12 gives 10000 EXP, but is more expensive than four $444 Very Good Mic, that costs 1776, is cheaper than all of them.

CTC2070 costs $2889 and gives 12500 EXP, but five $444 Very Good Mic gives exactly the same EXP and costs 2220.

Inter i9-14900 costs $3099 and gives 15000 EXP, but six $444 Very Good Mic cost $2664 and gives the same EXP.

The same for APhone 14 Pro, gives EXP 20000 and costs $4399, but eight $444 Very Good Mic costs $3552, and do the maths, $444 Very Good Mic gives 2500 EXP, 2500×8=20000

And finally, the end of all, CTC4090 costs $5999, very expensive, and gives 25000 EXP, but but but, remember that Very Good Mic gives 2500 EXP and costs $444, just do the maths, buy ten of that will cost $4440 and will give the exact same thing, but $1559 cheaper!

So, the $444 Very Good Mic is the best and cheaper gift! Dont waste your money!!! Buy only $444 Very Good Mic!

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