Bad Dream: Coma – How to Get the Crow Monster Ending

This guide will tell you how to trigger an alternative path for the bad ending of Bad Dream: Coma, which involves crow monsters.

Chapter #1

Step 1: First you have to kill all the crows in Chapter 1. Then, when you earn the “crows hate you” status, you will see your character with a crow on top of his head and some scratch marks on his face (on the bad ending picture). This indicates that you have triggered the crows’ fury! Now you need to keep this, because if the bad ending picture is replaced by another one, you will not get this specific ending.

Step 2: I didn’t break the doll when i did this, so I recommend breaking the controller instead, in order to get the wire.

Step 3: When you try to cross the bridge, after grabbing the coin on the ground (which is necessary), the crow monster will appear. It is possible to avoid him a little bit. You will need to head back as quick as possible, and right before the bridge there will be two crows feeding on a man’s head, one of them holding an eye with his beak. You need to get the eye (by clicking on the head), and then you can let the monster eat your fingers.

Chapter #2

Step 4: Now that you already have an eye at the hospital, you won’t have to poke the pervert’s eye out! This will not trigger the cyclops status, and you will keep the crow ending. Remember to get the scissors, matches and plug the computer on the room with the fish, but do NOT cut the paralyzed man’s fingers, or you will trigger the butcher ending. In order to get the other eye, get your fingers back first.

To do so, talk to the kitchen lady and DO NOT kill any spiders. Get them into the empty bottle intead, and give it to the lady. Then you can head to the kitchen and give her the coin you found at the bridge. Examine the soup and get the fingers.

Then head to the room behind the bathroom (to the kitchen’s left) and get the glue on the ground.

Step 5: Now you can visit the doctor and stick your fingers back (also get the worm out of your hand while doing this). Then you can use the worm on the fish and get the other eye. To get the room 15 key, turn the lights off at the 4 dour hallway and the doctor sleeps, and then you can continue through the hospital normally, just remember not to kill the crow with the ear, or you will trigger the scarecrow on the next chapter. Get the bottle cap on the bathroom’s floor and trade it with the crow instead.

Chapter #3

Step 6: Chapter 3, a lot of crows all over the place. Now, there’s something important to mention: We are talking about the regular bad ending of the game, but it will be triggered in a different way. Instead of the cyclops rampaging through the city on chapter 8, there will be another event that will trigger the ending where death “kills you”.

What we will try to do here is get our health to the lowest possible. In order to do this, get the thorny flower with your bare hands, then head to the cemitery and click on the door to make the zombie go out.

Step 7: Remember to click on every single crow (even those who look like they’re far) to make your health go down as much as you can. When you enter the shed, before getting the skull, click on the mouse and it will bite you. When trying to exit, the zombie will do you some more damage as well.

Then play normally until the part when you find all the stars and click on the pentagram, then find a piece of eraser at the gate, erase the teddy bear’s body, get his head, enter the morgue, let the fly out and get the empty bottle.

Then use the bloody Teddy’s head to make your way to the next chapter.

Chapter #4

Step 8: Kill the demon dog with the meat on the bear trap. At this point the game forces you to give poison to the fisherman in the forest, but there are some ways to take damage here.

Grab the thorny flower with your bare hands (again) and also click on the head in the swamp, then feed the leech with your own blood.

After that you can simply go on and fix the tire (salt on the snail, used gum and goo in the bottle, after lighting the cigarette in the beehive) and go to the next chapter.

Chapter #5

Step 9: Crows everywhere again. Click on them all! This time the game probably will let you only get hurt by one crow per room.

Try to enter the hospital, get the empty bottle inside the ruins, get the poison with the bottle at the hospital’s entrance, use it on the weird tree with eyes in the ruins, get the crowbar, release the nurse.

Also get the floppy disc in the trash can at the gate, and don’t forget to click on all the crows.

Step 10: Continue normally through the hospital and give the number 3 to the guy holding his guts (close the window before grabbing it). Click on the mouse hole to get damage. Go to the waiting room and activate the mousetrap with your own fingers. Click all the 5 leeches in the bathroom. If you followed all these steps, you should already have the “agony” status at this point, or at least “deadly wounds”. Keep moving on until you can enter the doctor’s office (with the number 13 displayed, after giving water to the old man). The nurse’s treatment is unavoidable. Click the leech on her table after she heals you. Continue until the “Our Little Nightmare” part, and in the end it’s not necessary to grab the scary clown doll, if you don’t want to.

Continue normally, heal the computer with the pills, give the drawing to the teddy bear and continue to the next chapter.

Chapter #6

Step 11: At the apartment click on the crow next to the entrance. There’s not much to this chapter, just remember to touch the glass shards once the mirror breaks, and only use the pen 1 or 2 times to edit the board game (and do NOT answer the door after editing it).

Chapter #7

Step 12: The old house. Kill the demon rabbit and use its paw to move on, and then, on the next part, use the pen. Continue normally, cut the drawings… if you’ve beaten the game at least once, you know what to do here. Use the dirty rag (found in the toilet) to cover the guardian toy’s eyes. Trigger the surprise box and get the scissors, everything bare-handed. Keep going until you reach the final chapter.

Chapter #8

Step 13: You should have the “deadly wounds” status when you arrive here, due to the unavoidable nurse treatment, but that’s not a problem. Keep clicking on every crow you see, and continue through the level. After you click on 2 or 3 crows, it should be enough to give you the “agony” status back. When you reach the place where you have to put the skull above to enter, click on the hot-air balloon and… that’s a scary noise! When you go out, the monster crow from the bridge is back! Not only one, but many of them. If you let them reach you, that’s it. You’ve triggered the bad ending through the crow’s path!

I hope this guide could help you find this cool secret, which some players may not know, as I’ve searched for this information everywhere and couldn’t find anything until I played it myself.

Any extra information is welcome 🙂

Extra – Avoiding the Monsters

If you didn’t follow my steps to take damage and managed to get to the final chapter with a good amount of health, you will be able to survive the monsters’ attack and make it to the hot-air balloon! (This will also work if you just avoid the monsters and go to the balloon before they can reach you).

It will take you back to the hospital, and the place has suffered some changes this time. There are crow feathers and blood in most of the rooms, and even one of the NPCs was killed by the crows!

If you talk to the lunch lady, she will also give you a specific dialogue, saying “the birds are acting strange…” which is a result for having kept the crow ending active during the entire game.

If you continue through the chapter, you can get one of the possible variations of the bad ending where you show photos of suffering people to Death.

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