Heroes & Generals – FPS Player Guide to Playing War

A guide meant to help new players understand how the fps and rts sides of the game interact with each other and how to successfully play battles.

1) Basics

In Heroes and Generals you have two Ressources you can aquire and use ingame.

Those are credits-used for purchasing new soldiers,equipment and vehicles- and warfunds which are used for buying and deploying assaultteams on the rts map.

How do you aquire ressources?

Credits are earned by playing fps matches mostly over time(the hourly salary of your soldier*time spent in fps battle) and through actions that award xp in battle(killing enemies /tanks/ vehicles/ capturing points/etc.). As this is mostly a fixed rate which only varies significantly through soldier ranks and less importantly through skill, the best way to increase your credit income is to reduce speding on repairs or just using cheap to use weapons in general.

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is to overmod everything, not only do mods cost credits, to many mods can actually make your weapon worse. One suggestion for a cost-effective weapon applicable to all factions is the basic semiautomatic rifle with the scout-II barrel as it guarantees killing enemies with 2 hits(you can still add sights for accuracy or springs/triggers to get to the rate of fire you want but it will make it more expensive).

If you are good at flying/tanking you can also earn credits via playing the tankvstank planevsplane modes, you need to be really good to outperform infantry as tanks have generally high spawncosts or arent competitive.

Warfunds are earned exclusively by playing warmode. For a pure fpsplayer the only way to aquire them is to capture points. The other way to aquire them is to deploy assault teams on the map and have them fight in battles. This is the most important link of rts and fps, your actions in warbattles have consequences on the strategic map. This will be explained in the next chapter.

2) RTS-FPS Interaction

As mentioned in the previous chapter your actions in battle have consequences on the strategic warmap and can have a huge impact on it.

To illustrate this i will use the example of the most basic unit of infantry the foot guard.

Foot guards costs 28.500 warfunds to purchase and 1440 warfunds to deploy.

The 28.500 are a onetime payment for the unit and you need a command point to equip it on one of your soldiers(available at lvl 12).

The 1440 have to be paid everytime you want to buy ressources out of your nations stockpile and put it on the map(stockpiles and ressources scarcity wont be covered as it is a beginners guide, but i have to mention that people should avoid expensive specialist classes at the beginning).

That means one infantryspawn costs 40warfunds, obviously as soon as a player uses the spawn the ressource its gone that means if a battle is nearly over you shouldnt spawn in anymore as the ressource wil be lost even if you survive.

In return the owner of the assaultteam gets the same xp people using his at make and warfunds depending on what they kill/destroy which is is equal to the cost to deploy one of the ressources they destroy. For example if you only use infantry and your 36 inf kill 36 enemy infantrymen you dont get anything. Thats also why K/D matters.

Of course different ressources cost different amounts so if 5 of your infantrymen kill one light tank it is still an even trade.

So how does a good fpsplayer use this to his advantage? You can play your own games, so for example you use your infantry vs enemy tanks join the battle and then hunt them which costs you credits but gives you warfunds. If you join a random battle always use the cheapest ressource to get the job done for example if you have medium and light tanks vs infantry without tanks just use the lights first they are cheaper and still give you a huge advantage. At the same time watch out what your team is playing if half of them ♥ around in tanks/planes/recons just stay inf.

Why? Because spcialists are only worth it if they get played by a few good players. For exmple two planes are optimal because they can team in a dogfight but arent so many that the enemy can put 5 or more people on aa-guns and not be punished on the ground, you need to be aware that certain things get stronger the more you stack them (AAfire) while others get weaker (planes/tanks/recons).

If you want to make profit without having to play everything yourself/fear the incompetence of randoms in the battles you supply you basically need to get veteran membership as it gives you 75% more warfunds meaning your inf wont need a 1.0K/D to break even. If you watch out for this the only way to lose warfunds is if you dont know the rules of engagement i will explain in the next chapter.

3) Rules of Engagement

In Heroes and Generals battles on the rts map can have one of two statuses fun and not fun.

Fun means the matchmaker will search for players to put into the battle. Not Fun means that after 10 minutes you will lose 25% of your men/material and retreat. The only exception is if you are the one who pushed first on a line/ are the defender and the other side is also not fun in which case your opponent retreats.

How do you make battles fun?

Fun means that a certain minimum of spawns per player has been met during the 10minutes the battle is starting. The minimum is 12 spawns per player slot for core units(infantry and paratroopers). At least 50% of player slots need to be core units. That means you always need at least 144(12slots) infantry spawns although you should always aim for 216(18slots/standard game slot size). If you only have enough infantry for 12 slots you need to fill the other six slots with specialist classes paratroopers need 12spawns per slot while other specilists need less. As a rule of thumb you should alway try to get to 216 “foot” spawns anyway meaning you add the tanker,recon and pilot spawns together with the infantry spawns till you reach 216. Example 144infantry plus 60 recons plus 16 tankers would be fun(you actually need slightly less men but as i said it is a rule of thumb).

Depots only need 144 spawns always as they have only 12 player slots and cant use other ressources than infantry.

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