Phasmophobia – Voodoo Doll

All known information about the voodoo doll that I was able to collect.

Vodoo Doll

In-Game Spawn. Cannot Be Bought. Specific To Farmhouse Stages

These can be found on the Farmhouse stages. They usually spawn on tables or footlockers.

They… do things. Everything surrounding these is currently a rumor. The most popular rumor is that carrying it makes you a prime target for the ghost… but once again it is merely a rumor. Feel free to experiment and report back what you find on the Voodoo Dolls.

One thing I do know is that you can snap a photo of them for “Interaction” money. You may have to move them first to get the photo to count. (Also they have weird collision when they are dropped on the floor so they might bounce around a lot).

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