Back 4 Blood – The 7 Basic Cards to Always Run

Seven Basic Cards List


In my play through and deck building i’ve discovered a few cards to be the base of all of my decks to use at any difficulty.

I’ve chosen only to list these 7 as it creates a nice balance to build up the deck to further my play style as some cards as some cards favor certain weapons over others

Basic Cards Guide

The 7 Basics can be broken down into 3 categories Brawn(2), Discipline(4), and Fortune(1).

Note: while Reflex does have some good cards I will regularly run none of them were able to earn a spot on the must haves for all decks.

With that out of the way The 7 Basics:

Two is one

  • Allows for 2 primary weapons while reducing swap speed by 25%.

Confident Killer

  • For every mutation killed by your team gain 1% damage up to 15% (this card does stack meaning multiple people can run it).

Patient Hunter

  • For every seconds you aim down sight you gain 10% damage up to 30% (Great with LMG’s and AR’s).

Power Reload

  • When a weapon is reloaded within .75 of a seconds from running low meaning your ammo counter will start to flash red (this card is very strong when you are able to know at what point your mag is low).

Down in Front

  • While crouched you dont take or deal friendly fire (this card is worthless on recruit but a must have on any higher difficulty).

Charitable Soul

  • Healing your teammates will give 50% to you as well, so no need to hoard your bandages and stims for yourself.

Ammo Stash

  • Any secondary weapon you have will now have unlimited ammo but reload 20% (when combined with Two is One allows for a very strong kit especially at higher difficulties).

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