At Dead Of Night – Tips and Strategies

Important Information You Should Know

Let’s start with your Keyboard:

Your best friends throuout the entire game are:

  • SHIFT + S – Quick Save
  • D – Dips the Soundtrack/Ambience so you can listen to footsteps
  • ALT + F4 – Closes the Game without Saving

Save the game everytime before you leave a room and after Jimmy exits but wait until you know that he isn`t in your bathroom! If you don´t hear Jimmy shouting from the Hallway after 2-5 minutes of waiting, he is in your Bathroom!

Before you leave a room, make sure that he is far enough away for you to go out. Use D dip the ambience so you can hear him walking if he´s close. I know it´s kinda cheating but anyway: Turn on the Helpful Suptitles (I don´t know what they are called in game). At the top left will appear a message, when Jimmy can be heard: If it says: “Jimmy can be heard walking nearby”, he is right outside your door. If it says “Jimmy can be heard somewhere”, he is close to your room. Jimmy´s shouting doesn´t seem to trigger the message. And before you leave the room, set your inventory to “Showing Keys”, in case you need to unlock something if you´re being chased.

You may ask “Why do I need Alt F4?” and I´m glad that I can answer you this question. Alt F4 is your last minute savior when you get attacked. So, when you are out in the Hallways, use the mouse with one hand (duh) and place the other on ALT and F4. If Jimmy catches you press ALT F4 to quit the game. When you open the game again, you should be in the room you saved the last time. But you need to press alt f4 before your screen gets black!!! If the screen is already black, the game has saved and the hit counts! I know, there is a Quick Exit option, Shift + X, but Shift X saves the game before it closes фnd you dont want the game to save when you are getting hit with a baseball bat!

Hiding Spots:

Never hide in dark rooms! Always hide in a wardrobe, as you should know, jimmy can catch you in the bathroom and in a dark room, your only hiding spot is a bathroom.

Hiding in Store Rooms is possible, but not recommended. When you are hiding in one, Jimmy may turn off the light, kicks the door open and catch you, if the door is unlocked. So, if you hide in a store room, lock the door so he can´t catch you. But still, Store Rooms have no Spyglasses, so it´s a bit harder to know where he goes (without headphones).

The Start

When you start the game, you know that you have to go to the basement to meet Amy. But not now. This run starts a little bit different: You DON`T go into the Basement, you go to the 3rd floor and loot every room available (303-307 are not accessible at the start). After that go to the First Floor in which you can reach every room. “Hey, you skipped the 2nd floor” Yes I did skip the 2nd Floor, because its completely dark there and exploring is in impossible until Dr Bose appears. So the 2nd floor has to wait for now. When you explore the rooms, look through the Keyholes to save some time. After you have been in EVERY room (with the lights turned on) on the 1st Floor, you can go to Amy and do her Story. Oh and, Jimmy does NOT spawn until you have talked to Amy.

The 2nd Floor

The 2nd floor is pesky, but the worst is yet to come…anyway, here is my strategie:

Start with the rooms in dead ends (like 223), after you looted everything, follow the basic rules from above and work yourslef back to the elevator/stairs (223 -> 222 -> 221…). But only get out and continue when Jimmy is not near you, so you can check keyholes to avoid dark rooms.

Don´t forget to save in every room before you leave. Use the connection store room between 220 and 216 to loop around Jimmy if he´s blocking your way back (But don´t hide in it, only one door can be locked and Jimmy doesn´t follow you throuh the store room).

The 3rd Floor (Oh no…)

You dont wan´t to spent much time there, because the left and the right wing are not connected, wich means no looping around Jimmy. On this floor, patience is very important and sometimes risking is your only way out…

I suggest avoding the 3rd floor as long as possible. But you need to go there for Harvey and Rose…more than once. I recommend to go there when you have finished Dr. Bose and Amy. Here we go: Go to the point where you meet Harvey. It´s a dead end so you can use the same strat as in floor 2. The hall with the rooms 303-306: You have to go there twice for roses story (and the rescue part). 306 is the only good hiding spot. 303 is a friend, 304 is dark and hiding in 305 is irritating*.

But, how do you get around jimmy and back to the elevators? Let me tell you, it´s kinda risky and luck based: If you are lucky and have a Deadlock Key for 306 or 307, then you know what to do.

If you don´t, then it´s getting tricky:

Hiding in 306 (safer but more annoying):

When he has checked your door and walks away again, you have to hope that he is going towards 307, if he does that; Run! Run to the Elevator as fast as you can (Hint: keep the cursor at the top of the screen, so you can run down long hallways)!

If he is not going to 307 and instead goes back to the elevator; then…you have to be lucky and you have to time it well: If your timing is good, he will stand right there:

That´s your chance to run past him (Elevator or stairs, it´s up to you)!

If your timing is…nah: He will either stand by the stairs or by the Elevators. If he´s at the Stairs; use the elevator. If he´s by the Elevator waiting for you; run to the stairs! If he has locked it, well…hope you get the key out quickly! But don´t use the key immediately! You could lock it if it was unlocked!

If your timing is bad and you waited to long or not long enough, you could probably encounter him at this corner:

Hiding in 302 (risky but faster):

The thing about 302 is, that it is a dark room. So, don´t let him see you enter this room!

Ok, here is the strat:

Wait in 302 until he walks to the right.

Then wait until he is far enough away for you to get out. But here is the thing: DO NOT, i repeat: DO NOT exit- DO NOT even attempt to go out when he is moving quickly! He will be back instantly and catches you (Thats how I lost one run in extreme mode no hits…90% into the story…rip).

*Why I said hiding in 305 is irritating: There is a closet, so I hide in it, he comes in and leaves instanly. And I wonder: why? He was not in the bathroom. Then I assumed it had something to to with the way the closet door remains open when you hide in it. That must be it because it happend all the time in this room. When you hide in the 305 closet, the door remains open in a way that you could look from the door into it (if you look at it, you know what i mean). In 306, the closet door remains open that you couldn´t look into it from the door. Jimmy always checked the room in 306 but not in 305…And no, he didnt see me go into the closet.

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