Urtuk: The Desolation – Amos the Champion

A guide how to get Amos the Champion to participate in your group.

Get the Trait “Champion” to Unlock The Fight Against Amos

After some time playing (or slaying 100 enemies), you will recive a message that explanes how to get Amos the Champion participating in your party, you have to unlock fist the “champion” trait (3 times with one char to unlock the trait).

Therefore you have to win a very difficult battle with 1 against at least 3 or 2 against at least 6 enemies.

This is a quite challenging task. I tried several group constallations and maps.

I recommend to solve this challenge in the fist level, where the enemies are not too strong.


To take only one char was much too difficult for me, also because there are no quests with only 3 or so enemies (only at the very beginnig when your group is too weak for this). And it is very usefull to have a second char to assist.

Of course one character should be a damage dealing char, in my run I was playing the forsaken and my Urtuk was the nasty berserker with the trais “berserk duellist” and “blood lust II” (so you dont have to heal him).

As a second char I was usinig a shielding unit to protect the damage dealer from taking too much damage. Also possible is a strong healing unit, but it was easier for me with a guardian.

One problem with this combination are the enemy ranged units. Perhaps your chars are so strong that you dont have to care about this problem, but they could be very annoying. That is why I recommend to take a third char with you, a javelliner, who can also close the area to one hex with his terrain lowering and hightening skill. When you killed all or almost all enemy ranged units, let him die. This should happen before you kill the 6. last unit (remember that you have to survive a fight against 6 or more enemies with 2 of yous)


  1. when you defend your fortress or village against bouty hunters, choose a map, that has only one hex as an entrance to the center of map. Because this is really uncommon, take a javlliner as a third unit and build your defence position where the hex with your damage dealer is adjacend to ony one “enemy” hex.
  2. Also possible to unlock the trait in a “enemy vs. enemy” map. This can be easy or impossible depending on the map an the behavior of the enemy units. Build a little fort in the corner of the map or use an natural bottleneck to bunker your units untill the battle is almost over. Dont attack the enemy at the beginning and wait untill they kill themsekves. Only attack single units. Be carefull that not one enemy group gets too strong, because you want to fight against as few as possible enemies at the end.

When you manage to win at least 3 battles an achieve the trait 3 times with an character, you unlock the champion trait (+10% damage and +10% max HP).

After that you will recieve another massage on the world map, that will tell you where you can find Amos the champion on the map. Go there and kill him so he will join your party.

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