ANIMAL WELL – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks That Can Make Game Easier

How to Bubble Jump

To Bubble Jump, grab your bubble wand. First, hop onto a bubble. Then, quickly make a new bubble while jumping and land on that new bubble. Keep repeating this to keep soaring.

Pro Tip: If you want to descend faster, just hold down while on a bubble.

Frisbee Glide

Now, about Frisbee Glide. Toss your frisbee and leap onto it while it’s flying. You can throw it at a nearby wall and wait for it to come back to you. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, try walking forward, jump, and right when you’re at the highest point of your jump, throw the frisbee. If you time it perfectly, you’ll land on the frisbee immediately. It’s super tricky, though. Only one secret room in the game needs you to nail this move.

How to Get Past the Disc

Just Walk Past It!

  • Player: I need the disc to progress!
  • Game: You don’t need the disc right now. Come back and get it later.
  • Player: But this is the first major item!
  • Game: It’s not. Consider exploring elsewhere for now.
  • Player: When should I get the disc?
  • Game: You’ll know when the time is right, it’s pretty hard to miss it.
  • Player: No really, when should I get the disc?
  • Game: After you’ve acquired the Mock Disc.

I found a workaround for a later part of the game where you need to use the Mock Disc again. If anyone else is stuck on getting the ghost’s flame, here’s what I did:

  1. First, make sure you have the animal flute (gather 8 eggs).
  2. Learn the teleport song from the fish in the room under the animal head room.
  3. Grab the Mock Disc from the ghost.
  4. Immediately play the teleport song and teleport.
  5. Head up and to the left and enter the bear statue’s mouth. Wait there without going through.
  6. When the ghost enters the teleport room, quickly go through the mouth.
  7. Now hustle multiple screens to the right until you reach the one with a ladder on the far right side.
  8. Climb up the ladder and move one more screen to the right to place the disc.

It’s the only way I found to handle it swiftly, but there might be an easier solution out there that I missed.

Sneak Achievement Tips

Here is how to get it, it’s quick: 

  • Start up a new save and go to the chameleon area.
  • Go right and you’ll see a squirrel up on a ledge eating a nut.
  • Continue right and get a key, then open the key door and slowly walk up to the squirrel (on controller, just slightly tilt the stick.)
  • Once you are close enough, grab the nut.

How to Continue from Save?

Basically, to save your progress, hit the [Spacebar], not [Z]. You’ll see a spinning floppy disk animation if it works. Simple mistake, but you’re all set now!

Kangaroo Locations

Here’s where I’ve spotted the kangaroo:

  • On the left side of the main area with the four shrines, close to the fish statues and ghosts.
  • On the right side of the main area with the duck.
  • In the dog area, bottom-right of the teleporter where two dog statues are busting some moves.
  • Near the entrance to the bubble wand area and when you return to the starter flower. But watch out! It only pops up after the place gets flooded with ghosts.

How to Deal with Otters

The yo yo is the best tool for distraction, timing is a bit tight but you should be able to drop the slinky and immediately throw the yo yo to the opposite side of the room.

Another way I’ve used a slink to pull them one way, and with very lucky timing managed to get both switches.

Musical Codes

Warp Room

  • Right – Right – Left – Left – Down – Down – Up – Up

Teleport to Top of Well

  • Down Right – Up Left – Down Right – Up Left – Down Right – Up Left – Down Right – Up Left

Jungle Teleport

  • Up Left – Up – Down Right – Down – Down Left – Down – Left – Down

Unlock Wheel Early

Secret Warp Room

  • Right -> Up -> Left -> Down -> Left -> Down -> Left -> Down
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  1. If you find yourself in a dark area and want to save your firecrackers, you can use the flute to illuminate your surroundings. When you play notes on the flute, the glowing effect can provide enough light to navigate through the darkness.
    This clever use of the flute’s visual effects allows you to conserve your firecrackers for when you really need them.

  2. Remember the flute you found? Play the song the fish taught you at the warp hub (right, right, left, left, down, down, up, up) to instantly teleport there from anywhere. This musical shortcut will save you time and help you navigate the world more efficiently.

  3. Stalagmites, those upward-pointing rock formations in caves, will only cause damage if you directly fall onto them. However, if you time your jump perfectly and land on a platform with a stalagmite right at the apex of your jump, you can avoid taking any damage. It’s a precise maneuver that requires skill and timing.
    But let’s be real here – this technique isn’t all that useful. You have an array of tools and weapons at your disposal, so you can easily destroy both stalactites and stalagmites, making your journey through the cave much easier. Focus on using your equipment effectively, and you’ll be able to navigate the cave without resorting to overly complicated platforming techniques.

  4. Possibly a touch off topic, but you can open the gate to the flame by dropping the slinky toy and yourself into the buttons, bypassing the ostrich boss. To activate the trapdoors, use the yo-yo.

  5. Bubble hopping in a straight column is feasible. synchronizing your jumps with the bubble’s formation below you. Although it is much more difficult, you can ascend vertical passageways without the horizontal buffer that the standard bubble hop requires.

  6. You can land on your frisbee immediately after throwing it into midair if you timing it perfectly.

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