Ancient Planet – Easy Way to Farm Emeralds (and Grinding Few Achievements)

You absolutely need all cryogenic tower upgrades before doing this.

How to Farm Emeralds Easy


If anyone has foils from this game, i am interested in a fair trade. I love this game so i would like to get the foil badge.

Hello. This is a pretty straight-forward guide, and i will make it as short as possible so you won’t waste time.

I think this is the easiest/most chill way to farm Emeralds (the diamonds you need to upgrade towers).

  • Pre-Requisites: All cryogenic tower upgrades, and maybe 1-2 cement block or missile tower upgrades.
  • Level: 1.3 Western Valley.
  • Towers: 3x Mines (the mines t that earn you silver coins, not the landmines), 1x Cryogenic and 1 or 2 Missile Towers.

If you’re stuck on some level, i guarantee it’s because you don’t have upgrades, and not that you’re bad at this game.

It’s hard to believe but, with proper upgrades, the levels you failed so miserably become a walk in the park really.

So, if you’re stuck somewhere, you better start grinding, champ!

What’s in This Grind?

Why this particular level?

First, it’s easy enough to relax and not worry about your next move, or having to pay attention to too many things at once.

Second, you can build 3 mines, and you already start with 2 gold coins.

What do you get from this specific grind?


You will get a minimum of around 40 emeralds per run, each run takes about 2-3 minutes (fast-forward button is your friend).

From time to time, RNGesus kisses your head and sensually puts his finger on your lip and you get even like 66 emeralds in one run, but the average is around 50-55.


By the time you will need this guide you might already have most of the achievements, but in case you absolutely love grinding and start early you will love this.

  • Achievements related to collecting coins and building towers.
  • Achievements related to killing few specific enemies.
  • “Rocketeer” – Rarest achievement (very odd, it’s easy), requires you to build 50 missile towers. You are able to build 2 missile towers per run.
  • “Godlike” – Kill 30.000 enemies. This level has 12 waves, and if i calculated right, there are 288 enemies in total. 30.000÷288 = 104, but realistically you’re much more closer to the achievement because you already played many levels and even repeated some, you won’t even have to worry about it, you will just get it and be surprised yourself.


  1. Build 2 mines (you will put a third mine when you get your first gold coin, so position them properly.
  2. Build 1 Cryogenic, and 1 Machine Gun (examples of positioning below).
  3. When you get your first gold coin drop build another mine.
  4. Leave the machine gun tower alone until you fully max your cryogenic tower.
  5. Just collect silver and gold coins.
  6. When your cryogenic tower is maxed, start upgrading your machine gun tower until you turn it onto a missile launcher.

Never upgrade the mines. It’s not needed, for every gold coin you haven’t spent you get 1 emerald.

Per run, you can either have two missile launcher (if you need the achievement), or 1 maxed missile tower + one cryogenic.

Examples of Positioning

These are some examples of positioning, the closer to the road – the faster you end your run, but you might not have enough time to quickly build the 2nd missile tower.

This is not really important, it’s just mostly a matter of preference and if you want to finish as quickly as possible.

If you’re in a rush, don’t forget – The fast forward button is your friend.

Make It Rain!



In case you had a tough time understanding my text guide, or find it easier, i also made a video of it.

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