Pacify – How to Beat Woods (Solo Guide)

Are you struggling on Woods? Well this is the guide for you!

Guide to Beat Woods


When you get in the game, go into the house and get two keys. The gate key is always on the bottom floor, and the house key is always upstairs. When you get the keys, go into the cemetery and get the garden shears. It’s always found on a broken wagon.

Once you have gotten the garden shears, go unlock the gate where the puppies are found and cut off their tail. To get the tail, just interact with them. Now that you have got a tail, go into the house and find witches hair. They’re located all over the house. Witches hair cannot be outside.

When you have obtained witches hair, go into the toys room (next to the back door). Go behind the room and there will be a door and it leads to the witches lair. After you’ve unlocked the door. Go into the cemetery and get a Doll of Twigs. When you get it, run! The reason you run is because a shadow figure tries to chase you down and get the Doll of Twigs back. Don’t worry, he won’t kill you. He will just knock you over and will take the doll from you. When you get the doll, run into the witches lair and if you have everything, you should get an enchanted Doll of Twigs.

Put it on the spikes found on the wall, and boom, you weakened the witch. Repeat that 8 more times. Her body will be found near the cauldron. Bring her to the van and you completed the mission.


  • To protect yourself from dying, grab roses found on trees. To get them, you need garden shears. This will prevent you from dying.
  • Potions are located in the witches lair. Speed potions and invisibility potions. Use these near the end of the game when there is about 3 more Doll of Twigs left.
  • Save the Doll of Twigs and the witches hair that are closest to you. So at the end of the game, they’re easier to obtain.

Thanks for reading! I hope it helped you!

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