Entropy: Zero 2 – Spawn Weapon Command List (Cheats)

I made this since I wanted to keep track of the guns.

Guide to Spawn Weapon Commands

First, Do This

If you want this to work, you’ll need sv_cheats 1.

Okay after that then it depends.

If you want to earn achievements, do:

sv_cheats 1; give weapon_name; sv_cheats 0;

If you want to just use the guns:

sv_cheats 1


give weapon_name

List o Weapons

Here’s a Rough List of Every Single Gun!

Main Guns

These guns are what you find in the main game.

  • weapon_pistol
  • weapon_pulsepistol
  • weapon_smg1
  • weapon_smg2
  • weapon_shotgun
  • weapon_ar2
  • weapon_ar2_proto
  • weapon_rpg
  • weapon_crossbow
  • weapon_slam
  • weapon_frag
  • weapon_357

Melee Hit Sounds

Weaponry used in EZ:2 and seen but not used by our bad cop, ironically both are melee.

  • weapon_crowbar
  • weapon_stunstick

Bomb Defused

Did you know, theres like all the CS:S guns here?

  • weapon_css_glock
  • weapon_css_p228
  • weapon_css_elite
  • weapon_css_deagle
  • weapon_css_fiveseven
  • weapon_css_usp
  • weapon_css_xm1014
  • weapon_css_m3
  • weapon_css_ak47
  • weapon_css_m4a1
  • weapon_css_famas
  • weapon_css_ump45
  • weapon_css_mp5
  • weapon_css_mac10
  • weapon_css_aug
  • weapon_css_galil
  • weapon_css_m249
  • weapon_css_tmp
  • weapon_css_sg552
  • weapon_css_p90

Buggy Weapons

These weapons are kinda buggy, use at your own risk.

  • weapon_alyxgun
  • weapon_annabelle
  • weapon_bugbait
  • weapon_displacer_pistol
  • weapon_endgame
  • weapon_flaregun
  • weapon_hopwire
  • weapon_manhacktoss
  • weapon_physcannon

Useful Commands

Here’s some useful stuff!

  • sv_cheats 1; ent_create player_weaponstrip; sv_cheats 0;
  • sv_cheats 1; ent_fire player_weaponstrip Strip; sv_cheats 0;
  • Do the first command then the 2nd one, this wipes all your weaponry!
  • sv_cheats 1; givecurrentammo; sv_cheats 0; – gives max ammo for your current weapon.
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