Among Ass: Trilogy – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to get all achievements. ~2h to 100%.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Achievements count – 8
  • Time to 100% – 2h
  • MP req – no, its only local coop (not required too)


Too Heterosexual Ship

  • Start match with gachi mode.

Start match with gachi mode on.

Does it smell bad to me?

  • Die for the first time.

Start match with bad ass count >0 and wait for your death.

Revitalizing scent

  • Resurrect an ally with the appropriate ability.

Choose revive ability before starting match. Start match with bad ass count >0 and press SHIFT to use ability while staying on ally corpse.


  • Complete a match with the “Assesgeddon” preset with any outcome.

Start a match with Assesgeddon preset and wait till bots kill 500 asses.

Here is Ass!

  • Get the Bad Ass role during a match.

Start a match with battle royal preset and restart it until you get the Bad Ass role.

Ass From Heaven

  • Die 5 times in a single match and win as a Regular Ass.

Start a match with custom preset and find the Bad Ass. Let him kill you 5 times, then repair all 28 spaceship systems (Engines, terminals and etc). Collect kit and spam SPACE button near terminal to fix it. Bots will also help you with repairs so focus on dying 5 times first.


  • Never die and win a match as a Regular Ass (must have at least 1 Bad Ass in the game).

Start a match with custom preset. Repair all 28 spaceship systems, it gonna be much faster then usual with this preset. Avoid dying from the Bad Ass.


  • Finish a match with the “Only Repair” preset with a Regular Ass win with only one player.

Hardest achievement in the game. Start a match with “Only Repair” preset. Focus on collecting kits and repairing fast things like crap and terminals. Look for rare kits, they will lasts longer. Sometimes ultra kit spawns (see screenshot), repair engines and other hard stuff with it (you can’t get in time without it). Remember to use speed ability (SHIFT key) to move faster when its available.

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