Aliens: Dark Descent – Best Team Combo

Tips for Best Team Combo

1 Sergeant, 1 Recon in every squad, the other 2 options and later 3 options you can honestly roll whatever you want.

Sergeant, Recon, and 2 Gunners is the Early-Mid game squad I went with.

Sergeants are amazing cus they give Bravery buffs and an extra command point + command regeneration.

Recon, for obvious reasons. Stealth, and the infrared flashlight thing

Gunners give you a lot of early firepower, Suppression buffs and smart gun turret gives you INSANE firepower.

Late game you can probably add another Gunner or a Medic to help round out your squad.

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Personally I think the Medic/Tech classes are underwhelming. Medic is strong but requires you to consume resources to make the most of them, and the tech class Drone needs a lot of work — it just seems kinda useless.

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