Aliens: Dark Descent – No Man Left Behind Tips

Tips for No Man Left Behind

So I am halfway into the second mission and so far I haven’t lost a single marine. What you gotta remember is guys that you don’t have to use the same squad to finish the mission.

If your squad has high stress then redeploy with a new fresh squad. Also here is a good tip, when the Crusher comes at your squad, don’t fight it with marines, just run to the ARC and let it deal with it. Think of the Crusher as a strong idiot. Also, rest when you can!

Putting down the sentry turret aimed at the door (I didn’t know the crusher would come, but was paranoid) and having my 4 starting marines without any upgrades and hadn’t gone back to base yet, was able to take down the crusher in seconds and it only managed to damage the sentry by charging it before it died (plus I threw grenades/suppressed).

I also tried to run to the ARC but it died before I even got half way to the door (playing on hard difficulty, not sure about nightmare).

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