Amnesia: The Bunker – Tips for Fuel

How to Conserve Fuel

I would say the best way to conserve fuel is to reserve the generator for the riskier locations where you can get easily cornered, like the Prison. Overall I didn’t feel the monster’s presence that much of a fuss even on Hard but then I had played the game through like 3 times. Even the monster’s presence isn’t that big of a deal because you can use him to break doors and stuff but I admit that luring him away is tricky at times.

I also noticed that in the darkness while the monster patrols a lot more, he appears to be less sensitive to some noises, like your Dynamo Fleshlight but since it is my observation it might not be true. Nevertheless the Beast himself while a threat, can be an asset of knocking down barriers.

Does the generator burn fuel faster if there are more switches turned on?

No, it doesn’t burn more fuel. Generator fuel burn is constant.

How to Increase Generator / Flashlight Duration


  • Go to: Steam\steamapps\common\Amnesia The Bunker\script\custom\props
  • Find: Prop_DynamoLantern.hps
  • Make a Backup
  • Open it with notepad
  • Find the line: const float gfDynamoLantern_ChargeDecreaseRate = (1.f / 40.f);
  • Increase the last number to 80 (to double duration) or to 9999 (for almost infinite charge)
  • Example: const float gfDynamoLantern_ChargeDecreaseRate = (1.f / 9999.f);


  • Go to: Steam\steamapps\common\Amnesia The Bunker\script\custom\modules
  • Find: GeneratorModule.hps
  • Make a Backup
  • Open it with notepad
  • Find the line: const float gfGenerator_RunTimePerFuelUnit = 60.f * 3.5f; – IF YOU PLAY NORMAL DIFFICULTY
  • or const float gfGenerator_RunTimePerFuelUnit_Easy = 60.f * 5.f; – for easy
  • const float gfGenerator_RunTimePerFuelUnit_Hard = 60.f * 2.75f; – for hard
  • Increase the last number
  • Example const float gfGenerator_RunTimePerFuelUnit = 60.f * 9999.f;

Fuel Tips

Once you get access to the fuel storage and the wine cellar, you can just stockpile fuel back at base. I did this on my first playthrough until I had filled all of the bottles. That definitely allowed me to slow down and really comb over all of the areas, but on hard I was still chugging fuel alarmingly fast.

And of course even with the lights on, you are not 100% safe. I played blind so didn’t know how long the game was or how much fuel I would need for crafting. In the end I was satisfied with my conservation. So I would say not using fuel at the start is a good strategy.

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