Age of Darkness: Final Stand – Useful Tips and Tricks

In this guide you can find some useful tips to build mechanic, fog of war, nights etc.

Tips and Tricks


  • There’s a small tutorial menu when you press escape. And the rest is pretty much tool-tips as you go.

Farms and other building ranges

  • The circle from the farm cant touch the circle from another farm (or other food generating structure), and has to be fully in LOS, ofcourse. There are some places if you have a big base that you dont have “up to date” LOS, so you might have to run a unit over.

Farms upgrades

  • When you upgrade your farms, food won’t go higher as planned cause you also have to assign two extra villagers to work at the farm manually.

Night bonus

  • It’s mostly xp increase, both for hero and emboldening progression for units. rewards from points of interest are greater further from map centre, with the edges yielding roughly 17x the rewards from centre points (50 stone/iron/wood instead of 3, 500 gold instead of 50).
  • There are no red gems near centre points yet, those seem to be exclusive towards the map edge. Resource vains also tend to be much richer away from the centre, so exploring and clearing is really rewarding.

How to build siege units

  • You can build siege units in the forge only.

How to build in fog of war

  • You just can’t doing that. Thats the point. See, in other games you build something to expand your build range. Here the resource is “light” or “vision”. You basically have to get rid of the fog of war because the fog of war is your enemy. Literally, because when a Death Night approaches all areas in fog of war spawn new enemies. So make sure you have lit up all areas in your reach.

Food and population

  • Food and Population are dynamic resources, where you have a fixed amount based on your number of farms/housing, and they are consumed as “Upkeep”. So therefore when you lose a unit or building that has an upkeep cost, you get back the food and peasants. Conversely, this causes you to immediately shoulder the upkeep cost of units if you capture a camp point of interest.

Cheats and console commands

  • No need. Just learn the game.

Max hero level

  • Max hero level is 5.

Tips for final wave (spoiler!)

  • The final wave spawns from all the Gems from previous death nights. so you can focus your defences there, I got owned because i thought they would come from off screen.

Other Tips

  • Units spawning in fog patches in your base is kind of an important thing they don’t tell you about. Also warehouses doubling the output of quarries is a big one.
  • The fog of war here is an antagonistic mechanic. During every wave, enemies will spawn from it, so you will want to build carefully to ensure that you have no empty spaces in your base. The braziers that you unlock are pretty critical to this in mid-late game.

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