AFK Journey – Guide to the Meta Team

Guide to the Meta Team You See on Replays

Heres a quick guide to the meta teams you see on replays / are used by many players to progress in the earleir stages of the game.

These are a little harder to get if you’re F2P, but still very doable as acquisition of the 3 main characters is possible through the emporium.

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Here Are Some Example Comps!

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Are we able to avoid having smokey’s healing to be interrupted? If so, how does that work?

Usually placing smokey a bit further back makes it so the healing doesn’t get interrupted as hes less likely to be in range of effects that might stop it.

Additional tips: Focus on levelling Cecia first, its her ult that really matters, and then follow her with tanks.

If you dont have smokey, its a bit harder to build, but a highly ascended rowan is usually also very good, and worst case scenario you can also run Hewynn. You can level up Cecia and Rowan in the Arena store and Koko in the dream realm!

Faction bonus?

Faction bonus is def the main reason for running Antandra early game, but Mythic+ Thoran is often times just better.

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