Transport Fever – Campaign Medals (Europe) Guide

Transport Fever - Campaign Medals (Europe) Guide
Transport Fever - Campaign Medals (Europe) Guide

Europe Mission 1: Gotthard Tunnel (Switzerland)

This one is quite straightfoward, few routes to make, but there is a deadline to follow, so make sure you complete the tasks promptly.

Should you accept loans? – No.

General summary: deliver first batch of tools and make the rail line; I picked the fastest train (Borsig) and 13 wagons then eventually increased it to 25. After completing Workshop task you might want to continue delivering Tools there in order to generate some extra income. Complete the passenger route rails after delivering 500 (or 600) stone to the dump. In order to finish the mission you will have to send a train that will make a stop at each of three cities (Luzern, Altdorf, Bellinzona); having actual passengers on board is not obligatory, so one train and one empty passenger cart is more than enough.

Contractual compliance

Don’t deviate too much from the negotiated terms and get by without additional funding.

Do not take any loans that are offered when you get too low on budget. As far as I can tell having an offer of a loan (when getting too low on cash) does not block the medal from being awarded at the end of the level, just make sure you do not actually take it, leave the task hanging.


Find the legendary mountain crystal.

As soon as you deliver first tools to the quarry a question mark will appear above it. Follow the “clues” until a girl will mention a stone formation pointing toward the crystal. If you open the task there will be a crosshair button to the left of its name, click it and your sceen will center on the rock. All is left to do is use a bulldozer tool (the one that sells items, not the one that digs/elevates ground) on all of the stones.


Rely on latest mining technology.

After you start delivering the stone by train, a mission “New Technology!” will pop up. Simply deliver 12 Tools to the Workshop (Luzern Machine Factory). Completing this task will increase quarry output from 1 Tool = 2 Stones to 1 Tool = 7 Stones.


Don’t beat down any workers.

As you continue to deliver stones to the dump a “Strike!” task will eventually appear leaving you with three choices. Essentially beat the workers, increase amount of stone needed to be removed by 100 (from 500 to 600) or have 50 000$ substracted monthly until you complete the tunnel. Pick variant #2 or #3 for the medal; obligation to pay additional 600 000$ yearly will be slowly eating your budget, so choose depending on the situation you have and overall time left till 1885.

Terrific tunnel

Make the Federal Council happy and complete the tunnel on time, before 1885.

Despite the description saying “complete the tunnel” you should actually complete the mission itself, including additional task to send a train that will reach Bellinzona, not just finish the tunnel. I was moving 80-100 stone per train trip and even having 100 extra stones to ship was able to finish by late 1883.

Europe Mission 2: Bridge Disaster (Scotland)

Relatively easy mission, not a lot of options to choose from, a deadline medal is present, but you will be timelocked anyway, because a train required for 60 km/h medal will be available only at a later stage.

Should you accept loans? – Yes.

General summary: start by organizing Steel production; I went with coal on train and did not follow the already laid tracks that offer to make way through Falkirk. Instead I made it left immediately after the test bridge; by using contour lines it is totally possible to lay a decent line along the mountains and not spending a fortune (using Sell tool on trees might help a bit, otherwise a contour you need will be really hard to see).

Iron Ore < – > Steel route was made with trucks, I spent about 5M on the straight tunnel under the mountain, because money shouldn’t be an issue thanks to a coal train (and a Tools-Edinburgh train if you choose this option). If you want to train for a hard free mode, use trucks in both sides for extra profits – carry Iron to Mill and return with Steel on the same truck back to the Factory. Send Tools to the furthest cities (Edinburgh preferably) to start accumulating 1Mil for the Medal. Use ship to transport 100 Steel to the bridge construction site, this is both a more efficient way and awards a medal.

Then your goal is to cross new bridge 5 times within one year; should be easy enough with 4 x 50 km/h trains + carts and railways in both sides, so that the trains can travel in each direction independently. If you are lacking passengers, make sure to place some bus routes; ignore their coverage area and place bus stops often (one in 5-6 buildings on the street), this is a key to a passenger flow in the game. But be careful, this is a last task in the mission, so you might want to keep a number of train low (about 2) and wait till 60 km/h trains are available if you want a corresponding medal.


Cross the test bridge with a total load of at least 60 units before the tests are concluded.

After you complete your very first mission to make 30 steel an “Endurance Test” task will pop up that will require you to stop a loaded train in the middle of the test bridge. For the medal you will need at least 15 wagons (since the only one available at that moment are 4 capacity ones) fully loaded with coal; the medal should be awarded as soon as the train enters the bridge not “crosses” it entirely, so you can get a medal and stop the train to complete a task.

Alternative transportation

Fulfill the special request of the steelworks owner and transport goods by ship.

When prompted to deliver 100 Steel to the bridge construction site, a question mark will appear above Steel Mill. It should produce 2 Steel per 1 Iron + Coal, so if you followed advice in general summary section and use the same trucks to deliver both Iron and Steel, half of the steel will be lying around. Build a dock nearby, purchase 2 Wilhelm I ships (50 Capacity each), transfer Steel from Mill to the dock and deliver 100 units to the construction site by water. You won’t be needing ships any further, so they can be safely sold afterwards.

Key to wealth

Earn a million by transporting tools.

You can choose whichever variant you think works best for you. As i’ve mentioned in general summay, I’ve started moving Tools to the Edinburgh by trucks from the very beginning, adding more and more vehicles on the route. For some reason when I tried delivering Tools to the second town at the same time (Falkirk) the Factory was not really keen on adding Tools on that line so I abandoned it. I got the medal by December 1885, having 38 trucks on the line. Alternatively you can construct a train line to Edinburgh, it might be a bit costy, but the city accepts a ton of Tools (~250), so you will get rich very fast.

Speed record

Cross the test bridge at a speed of at least 60 km/h.

Be careful with this one, because it’s not that hard to finish the game before 1890, when the PLM 220, the train that can reach 60 km/h speed, becomes finally available. Remember that you need the test bridge, the one that is being used for transporting Coal, not the one you’ve built recently and use for passengers. So to get the medal, simply move your current slow coal train somewhere (store in Deport for example) then purchase PLM 220, one cart and launch it across the test bridge. Afterwards you can assemble new train out of PLM 220 and carts from the old train in order to move more coal at once and increase your profits. Now you can focus on getting 5 trains in 1 year task to finish the mission on time and get all medals.

On time

Build the bridge before 1902.

Can’t say anything special here frankly, I was able to finish the mission in 1888, which is before the PLM 220 becomes available, so there should be more than enough time to complete all tasks before 1902. You could follow my tips in the general summary section or play at your own pace, whichever works best.

Europe Mission 3: Hard Times (Sweden)

This one can be really tricky at the beginning, so my general advice is to choose your transportation methods wisely and do not allow chain breaks, because they could quickly lead to failing several medals at once. Second and most important: starting from the task where you need to stockpile food, the mission actually becomes time locked, meaning it will end no matter what in about 8-9 years.

Should you accept loans? – Yes.

General summary: mission begins with a joke about “we don’t know why Germans need so many steel in 1914”, so our main goal is establishing a stable steel supply. I tried several variants: spending a damn load of money and going almost all trains (trucks for Iron ore, since it’s really close), spending quite modest amount of money and going almost all trucks (still train for Steel, because having at least one source of “instant 1M+ income” is a good backup variant) and both of them worked. You can also pick Stone or Slug for Construction Materials (both are not recommended, because more often then not Materials factory starts seeing Stone as only source material, so Slug is being ignored, Steel Mill does not see Slug “being required somewhere” anymore and stops making double Steel at all). Take note that contrary to a logical thought about 1 Iron + 1 Coal + 1 Exported Slug = 2 Steel, it does not seem to be working precisely like that. It’s more like the amount of Slug produced as a side effect of making double Steel is 0,5, thus making Slug not the best and stable source for the Crafting Materials in general (well unless Steel Mill has been upgraded several times).

After you satisfied city needs by more than 10%, start delivering Materials for a warehouse. A small amount of 25 units is required, so using Slug as a source material should be enough to construct it rather quick. Make extra sure that you will be able to earn 50M in the next 8-9 years, because the mission will simply end itself by that time. When the warehouse is completed you can switch the Materials line back to cities and start stockpiling food. IMPORTANT: while “Deliver Materials” task is active you won’t have city Food supply meter at the upper left part of the screen, but it will be still counting (you can check the amount of % manually, by clicking on the city name) and will come back after “Stockpile” task is activated.

When the war starts, the Harbor will reduce the amount of exported Food from 1 Steel = 2 Food to 1 Steel = 1 Food, so you will still have a decent amount of Food supply. Besides you will also have some Food stockpiled and when you empty the warehouse, a farm nearby will become available providing a small amount of Food as well. IMPORTANT: this is actually last task in the mission, it will end in 60 months.

Well supplied

Achieve a supply of foodstuffs of 10% in the affected cities in less than 6 years.

If you planned your routes well, this one should be easy; got it in 1916 by using 7 Truck lines (Coal -> Steel, Iron -> Steel, Slug -> Materials, Materials -> Jobkoping, Food -> Goteborg, Food -> Jobkoping, Food -> Malmo) and 1 Train line (Steel -> Food). Make sure you start Food -> Malmo line as late as possible and leave just one truck there, the route is very short and even a single truck will fill the city needs really quick.


Stockpile at least 500 foodstuffs before the war begins.

After warehouse has been constructed you will have a certain amount of time to stockpile as much Food as possible until the war starts in July 1920 (year might be dependant on individual progression). For the duration of this task I’d recommend to slightly cut your main Food routes, so that the goods go to the Stockpile line. I left 12 Trucks per Goteborg/Jobkoping Food line and 2 Trucks for Malmo line. Personally, I consider this specific task/medal to be a bit stupid, because after you complete it and the war begins, you will either ignore the stockpiled resources or actually transport them all back to Harbor since your infrastructure is already build around the Harbor and building new infrastructre around temporarily warehouse, spending money, etc makes no sense at all. On the other side you will still receive money for getting all the stuff back to Harbor, so depending on how much you’ve managed to stockpile it might net another 500K – 1M cash. I got 500 foodstuffs ready when there were 319 days left until the war by utilizing 2 PLM trains delivering Steel (it’s very important to keep constant supply, otherwise your Food delivery transport might start to pile up and Food supply in the cities will start dropping uncontrollably) and slowly increasing the amount of trucks on the Stockpile line to 20. After you get the medal, it’s totally safe to drop the line and return trucks back to city deliveries.

Shamelessly rich

Amass a wealth of 50 million despite these hard times.

To unlock the medal you need to have 50M in cash available at once (it’s not like earn 50M in a mission overall) until the war is over in July 1925 (year might be dependant on individual progression). Overall strategy depends on your choice of transportation. Main source of income will be Coal to Steel, Steel to Harbor and Food to cities; you can also boost Materials to cities, because after the Steel Mill gets upgraded enough, it starts to provide a decent amount of Slug in order to supply both Goteborg and Jopkoping. You can also arrange some passenger flow; I did buses inside Goteborg / Jopkoping and tram between those cities and it was netting a total of 1M / year. Closer to the end of the mission cars will start to flood the streets and since there is no separate bus line available by the mission year period, you’d want to keep intercity line at a minimum frequency in order to “make” citizens pick your line instead of using own car, because your line will dliver them to their destination faster.

Fairy distributed

Make sure that no city has a supply of food over 30% while another goes empty-handed.

Some basic tips have been mentioned in general summary, the main thing is to start properly (send Food to the furthest cities first, then send 1 Truck to Malmo), so that ideally all three cities jump from 0% to something at once. Then make absolutely sure your Steel delivery is constant and in decent amounts, should it be seriously interrupted, chain break might lead to 0% somewhere and since other cities will be most likely at more than 30% at that moment, you will have to start from a beginning or one of the previous saves. This medal is awarded after the war ends (mission complete screen).

Hard times

Never let the food supply fall below 5% during the war.

All the same tips about keeping the cities “fed” apply, make sure to keep the Steel coming and you should have no problem with amount of Food. I was using around 20 Trucks per Goteborg/Jopkoping route, 4 Trucks on Malmo, didn’t make use of Stockpile/Farm and was able to keep the average amount of food supply around 70%. It might be a bit difficult with trains though, because despite them carrying a huge amount of Food, their frequency will not be that high and you might go from 40% to 2% and then back to 35%, etc. Whileas trucks keep much lower, but much more constant supply, which can be controlled by adding (or removing if neccesary) more vehicles on route.

Europe Mission 4: Island Paradise (Spain)

This is probably the most unusual mission available in the game, because you are very limited in the amount of vehicles available for purchase. At the beginning you can buy only 1 ship, 8 trucks and 4 buses. To get more you will need to complete secondary tasks and some additional vehicles become available “for free” couple of times during the mission (1958, 1961). Besides, all goods transportation will be tied to ships at one step or another, which I find extremely ineffective. IMPORTANT: The industries in this mission are placed “as bad as possible”, so make sure you manually pick the type of transported goods, whenever possible, before purchasing the vehicle, otherwise if you keep all of them on Automatic, factories might start giving wrong products on wrong lines and mess up your delivery chains.

Should you accept loans? – Yes, by all means!

General summary: since we are very limited in the number of vehicles, you should search for all question marks and take all secondary missions, because all of them provide additional means of transportation (plane, train, wagons) or increase the initial limit of vehicles available for purchase. There are 7 question marks to get:

Snack Bar – Bring 50 Passengers to receive 2 train wagons. Create a bus line in Santa Cruz and eventually enough passengers will be transferred.

Cattle Ranching – deliver 50 Cattle to receive an airplane. Despite what the mission description says, the actual criteria is (almost) correctly stated in the task menu at the top left. It says “Collect 0/50 livestock”, which means you don’t actually have to deliver 50 units, but rather make any of them appear in your Truck station. Moreover both Grain and Livestock will count for the task, so no need to purchase Trucks with Livestock only option.

Well Paved – deliver Stone and Slug to be able to build better roads. I’d recommend Stone first and force one of the Ship (you only have at the moment) compartment to carry Stone, otherwise it might screw you with the resources it actually chooses to pick on the complex route. And then after a second Ship becomes available (in 1958 as a “gift”) make a single trip to pick any amount of Slug and bring it back to Factory. Don’t forget to use Trucks to move Slug from Harbor. This task is arguable to my mind. Your trucks max speed is 60 km/h and default roads allow only 40 km/h, but the traffic between and in the cities will be extremely high, so upgrading the road won’t make too much difference. Four-lane road + bus lane would be a real lifesaver, but nope, not available.

Black Gold – pay 2.5M to finance Crude Oil search. Spoiler: it will fail and you will have to arrange Grain transportation by ship in order to make Plastic, so keep this mind. I’d recommend to wait with delivering 100 Grain until a second Ship becomes available (in 1958 as a “gift”), because unfortunately, the game does not support clever juggling of transported goods, so there is a pretty high chance your only ship will not load what you want it to. After 100 Grain has been delivered some question marks will appear that will allow to “salvage” more ships, 1M for each.

Well Laid – deliver Iron and Coal to be able to build railway tracks. Iron will be transported by really slow Ship, so 1-2 Trucks should be enough to transport the same amount of Coal to produce Steel.

Airport – support the city of Coasta Adeje with at least 10% Construction Materials needs to unlock the neaby airport for usage. You don’t need to keep supporting the city with Materials, since you will have a very limited number of Ships and much more types of goods to transport. City basic demand is 140, a single ship can transport 50+50 goods (two compartments), so filling even one should be enough, just don’t forget to utilize a Truck for the actual city delivery.

The Architect – keep clicking until you find the Architect. You can build passenger train station now.

IMPORTANT: taking into consideration that you completed “Operate Airline” main objective, there are two criteria for completing “Operate Railroad” main objective. 1) you should have a line with stations in Santa Cruz, Las Puntas and Las Palmas, let’s call Line X. 2) there is a locomotive available on this line, even without wagons! Thus, the moment you set your locomotive on Line X the mission will end immediately, so make sure you had all the necessary medals or remove 1 city from the line to be able to transport Passengers for income.


Make sure that no vehicle is 10 years old or older.

My recommendation is to keep your Lines window open at all times (the compact one from the information button in the bottom right corner, not the detailed Line Manager button) and as soon as anything goes near 8-9 years click on the Line name, Replacement tab, choose a replacement and click Replace now. The vehicles will be renewed at the nearest stop. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to choose the goods type for vehicle manually again, when replaced they go Automatic by default.


Salvage all the sunken ships.

After delivering 100 Grain to the Plastic factory task you will be able to “Salvage” (technically just buy) ships by searching for the question marks in the sea and paying 1M for each. Absolutely not worth it if you ask me, but we need the medal, so don’t be afraid to take loans if necessary. A total of 3 Ships can be salvaged.

Profitable year

Earn 3 million within one year.

Frankly this was the most difficult mission for me. You can’t really make a lot of money, because industries are awfully placed, ships are very slow, there is a lot of traffic without bus lines available, there are not enough buses for three cities to make the decent frequence so that people choose your lines over their own cars, etc. Thankfully for this medal a total revenue (not profit) per year is counted. To check it, click on your bank account numbers in the bottom left corner and look for the last line called Income, it should be at least 3M to get the medal. I was able to get 3.6M in 1969 (1.7M Road, 150K Rail, 320K Air, 1.4M Water) utilizing 5 ships (Iron -> Steel Mine, Stone -> Materials Factory, Grain <-> Plastic, Steel+Slug <-> Materials+Machines) and all available land vehicles with most beneficial being a line that delivers Livestock/Grain to Food Factory and then using the same trucks to deliver Food to Las Palmas. I’ve just built a railroad, so given a bit more time it could bring more money as well.

Good view

Take a train over a rail line with a high point of at least 200 meters of elevation.

I see no reason to obtain this medal in a gentleman way, because it will require a huge sum of money with cash being already scarce. And building such monster makes zero improvement, so there is a cheesy way to obtain this one. Click on the layers button in the bottom right corner and pick Contour Lines; now you can see the exact height under your cursor in the small window that appeared right above that button. Find a suitable spot above 200m, build a train depot, buy a locomotive or even a wagon (since it’s much cheaper) and medal is actually yours; just don’t forget to sell the locomotive (wagon) right away.


Surprise the Presidente and fulfill his requirements before 1975.

This is quite doable, all main tips have been mentioned in the general summary and other medals, so not really much to add. Getting enough money for 3M Medal and for a train that cost 4.2M will probably be the hardest things.

Europe Mission 5: Economic Miracle (Germany)

I find this mission to be the easiest of European ones. Most of the difficulties usually come from the low amount of money to make things as required, but here we have a pruduction factory that requires nothing at all to produce enormous amount of goods that can be transported across huge distances. Everything else just comes naturally. Oh, and apart from a medal to get an airplane by 1955 there are no deadlines, so you can play the mission as long as you want.

Should you accept loans? – Yes, but you won’t need them.

General summary: first and foremost I strongly recommend to start with Goods transportation lines to Koln and Stuttgart. Build additional, more straight roads if you have to, apply at least four-lane pattern with bus lines, since they will be used by Trucks as well. And don’t forget that Trucks can deliver anything to a Bus Stop, which takes tiny square to place, costs almost nothing and has huge cover radius. These lines will be the heart of your money flow. And here is why:

Transporting 50 Passengers to Koln airport will unlock the airport’s hangar, increase the amount of bus stops and airports available for construction. Then your goal is to receive a profit of 2M from air transportation only; keep in mind that all running costs including the purchase of airport and airplanes counts towards this amount, so most likely you will start with something like -6M (2M for airport, 4M for the plane). Remember: frequency is the key for passenger flow in the game, it needs to be as low as possible to make citizens choose your line instead of going on foot / by car. Spam buses / trams if you have to. That and good bus stop location, ignore their cover area and place as often as possible (once in 5-6 buildings, maybe more depending on the city layout). Generally I’d recommend to place stops on both side of the road, but here the number of stops is quite limited so use your best judgement.

After 2M profit is reached, you get 30 more bus stops and 3 more airports (not sure why though, technically there is just one big city left). And now the goal is to increase a parameter called “willingness to travel”. Adding intercity bus lines actually helped for one city, and destroying Industrial buildings (blue colored in the building filter) helped for another city. Also Hamburg had this parameter at 26% for me from the very beginning and barely got any lower, perhaps because I was having quite few bus stops left when I placed airport in this city, so my bus line covered only residential area. This method is also mentioned in the Steam discussion, so feel free to try everything.

Important: this is a last task for this country, as soon as you get 10%+ in each city the mission will end (sometimes with a delay). So make sure you received all other medals before looking for a “willingness to travel” solution.

Development aid

Deliver the requested goods to East Germany.

Right from the mission start take a look at question mark above Hamburg. This task requires delivering 100 units of Goods to a city of Schwerin across the river. Since these deliveries will be considered illegal, you need to make sure that you don’t send too much Trucks at once. In fact, since there is no strict deadline, you can leave just one Truck on the line and it will eventually deliver the necessary amount.


Put the first plane in the air before 1955.

First step for this medal is a task to deliver 50 Passengers to the airport in Koln, make a bus line with enough stops and it won’t make much time. Then aiport hangar becomes available; just purchase any aircraft and medal is yours.

Transport hub

Land at least 1 000 passengers in Koln.

Since this mission has no strict deadline medal, this one will be unlocked naturally not long after you connect both Stuttgart and Hamburg to Koln.

Heavy traffic

Own a fleet of at least 15 airplanes.

You should be swimming in cash after spending some time in the mission, also you might need those 15 planes naturally. If you don’t – the cheapest plane costs around 1M, so purchase the necessary amount and then sell them immediately.

Money gives you wings

Earn 50 million with your airline.

If your bus lines are set up properly, this will come naturally sooner or later. Make sure you connect all three cities between each other and add more terminals to airports, so that planes from different cities do not wait for the free spot too long.

Europe Mission 6: Cutting-edge technology (France)

Quite easy mission from the dollar perspective; same as Germany, but now you have two (!) factories that require nothing and just produce Goods and Machines. Might be difficult regarding passengers tasks though, but we’ll get to that.

Should you accept loans? – No, but you shouldn’t need them.

General summary: as probably mentioned by many others, the first thing you should do is to sell empty train that is running somewhere on the current rail line between Lyon and Paris. It’s already 9 years old, has too many wagons and it’s year maintenance is close to 3M. Almost all construction options are blocked until the very first task (reduce travel time to less than 7 minutes) is completed, so a better line is required. Since money should not be a problem relatively soon, I personally built a rail line straight through all the mountains going a bit to the left if you look from Lyon to Paris. About 20M were spent on rail + 5M on the road infrastructure (upgrading roads to four lanes + bus line and also making a straight road through the mountains for Goods -> Lyon). As for the task itself, we are limited by the fastest passenger wagon, so there are not much of a choice: Class A4, Class 1042 or Class 218 + 1x Einheitswagen II. Depending on your line it might take different amount of time to get lower than 7 minutes (my train needed 5 stops after it left the depot to complete the task).

After it’s done other buildings became available, so it’s better to pause the game and set up Machines -> Paris, Goods -> Lyon lines as well as bus/tram routes in each city to deliver passengers to the train stations. Machines -> Lyon, Goods -> Paris will also make a nice profit, but it’s better to apply those when the factories will upgrade several times, otherwise they might put all the stuff on the short line and you will be earning 2-3 times less than you could. The second task to deliver 500 passengers a year is actually one of the medals, so check out the description for details.

Next task is to transport more passengers than Concordes flying around. Technically if you were able to transport 500 Passengers in one year, this task shouldn’t require a lot of additional actions. Also there is a question mark available above Paris: you can use old and long railway in order to launch 1 slow train and complete it, but frankly I haven’t noticed any serious impact from the reward (future purchased models have increased improve performance and traction stats), so it should be safe to skip it if you’d like. IMPORTANT: this task is the last on the mission, so I’d recommend an additional action after all – replace your current trains with TFV to unlock the 280 km/h medal. As soon as your numbers go higher than the airline the mission ends immediately.

Financial planning

Never make use of a grant.

As soon as your Machine/Goods delivery will be up and running, money shouldn’t be much of a problem, so you should be able to afford the expensive trains and additional construction needs without taking loans. Rail line will probably eat your reserves first, but should become profitable with time as well. I also noticed that getting a message about the loan is okay, just make sure you don’t actually take it.

Direct connection

Achieve a journey time between Paris and Lyon of under 5 minutes.

A bit strange medal; I was travelling at max available speed in a really straight line with my Class 218 and I needed 5 train stops to complete the “under 7 minutes” task, and the next stop unlocked this medal for me. Perhaps the word “average” is missing in the description, but anyway, I’m pretty sure it will be unlocked naturally.

The masses

Transport 500 passengers in one year.

What you need to know is that there is sort of rival company working in Paris and Lyon, so technically you should perform better than those guys. If nothing else helps you can try destroying the road leading to airport and destroy the city blocks with rival bus stops on it, but this task/medal is totally doable without it. My choice for inner passenger routes were trams, because they can carry 23 Passengers vs 16 Passengers by MAN SL 192 bus. Brekhof Duvedes bus becomes available in 1986 with a capacity of 25 Passengers, but it was important to set up the line as soon as possible to support the intercity rail route. Remember: the key to passengers is frequency, so sometimes it’s better to have more trains with less amount of wagons. I was able to get the medal by December 7, 1957 by utilizing the lines on the screenshot below. Most important numbers are amount of vehicles and frequency. Train of choice is Class 103 + 3x Einheitswagen IV; for the tram routes make stops often and spam more trams if needed. Probably one of the best working solutions is to choose a central street in the city (it’s usually straight and goes from one end to another) and put stops every 5-6 buildings on the each side. When adding stops to a line make manual ones on each side of the road, so that the route becomes a circle.

Speed record

Achieve a speed of more than 280 km/h with a train.

Assuming you have build a straight line between Paris and Lyon this medal is unlocked by simply letting big guys on the rail line – TFV with a maximum speed of 300 km/h. If you are having difficulties on your main line, a new line somewhere on the edge of map can be built; add two stations, a depot and let the train fly from one end to another, as soon as it reaches 280 km/h, you can sell it and continue with mission tasks.

Pride of the nation

Finish the mission before 2000.

I was able to finish the mission by the end of 1989, so there is plenty of time to make things work. Goods transportation should solve any money issues and steady passenger flow with low frequency will help with main mission tasks.

Europe Mission 7: English Channel (England & France)

All goods chains will be depending on ships again, so I’d recommend to plan several passenger delivery routes to get some extra cash. Despite the fact that there is no “finish by year XXXX” medal, there are actually couple of deadlines, see “Good timing”. VERY IMPORTANT: whatever routes you make, do not change the default rail lines that will appear across the channel. Do not delete any sections, signals, anything, it’d strongly recommend not to touch it at all and just continue the tracks. The reason for this precaution is a final task to deliver goods and passengers through the underwater tunnel. It appears to be scripted in some way, so trains should go on a certain side and cross certain checkpoints, if you mess up with the default rail line, there is a high chance that goods and/or passengers count will not work and stay at 0. Save often if you have to.

Should you accept loans? – No

General summary: traffic will be extremely high in this mission, so plan your truck/bus routes carefully, utilize bus lines on the side of the road and make bridges over the main road if needed. First things first, a production of Planks and Steel should be started (within 3 years for a medal), Coal for Steel and Planks for Machines are on the England side, Steel is produced on the France side, so a ship route to transfer stuff in both directions will be required. Pay attention that “X-ray” medal is also earned during the first phase, so don’t miss it.

Second task is about delivering enough Machines on both sides of the tunnel. Since there is a medal for finishing both sides almost simultenously, I’d recommend to leave just 1 Truck for France side and than balance the amount vehicles depending on the situation, because England side will be capped by very slow ship speed. You have 18 years to complete this one if you want a “timely manner” medal.

After the tunnel is completed, your FINAL TASK is to deliver 1000 goods and 1000 passengers under the sea. Remember not to tinker (or at least save a game beforehand) with already laid tracks or it might break the numbers count. You can choose any routes to your liking, I did Passengers from Hastings to Calais and Machines to Dover (my first delivery to Dover still did not count for some reason, but starting from the second one it was ok). This task does not seem to have a “timely-manner” deadline.


Get by without additional grants.

You start with a nice sum of 30M, so it should be totally possible to set up Truck, Ship and couple of Passenger lines. One of the best starting lines is Trucks delivering Wood -> Planks and then same Trucks Planks -> Harbor to transport to France. Intercity bus/tram (or even train lines) will also generate nice profits over time. Reminder: getting a loan proposal does not fail the medal, just make sure you don’t actually accept the money.

Good timing

Complete the preparation and excavation project phases in a timely manner.

For this medal pay special attention to the task description. Usually an additional section in the bottom of the task description will tell the estimation for each stage. Make preparation (start Steel production + start Planks production) should be completed in 3 years. Tunnel digging (deliver enough machines on both sides of the tunnel) should be completed in 18 years after “Make preparation”. IMPORTANT: There is no indication that you failed to complete a task in time, you will know it only after the mission ends, so if you have any doubts it would probably be better to load a corresponding save and try to be faster this time.


Explore the seabed.

While the first task “Make the preparations” is active you will receive a subtask called “Explore the seabed” and a green circle will appear to the side of the tunnel. Check the Shipyard first – a new ship should become available (for a price of 0$, but sith maintenance costs still) called Mess Schiff. Depending on your current Harbor location you might need to build a new one, so that the line you will create passes through the green circle. Send Mess Schiff on this line and stop it manually (open the Ship menu and press a corresponding button) in the zone; take note that the ship needs quite some time for a full stop, so press the Stop button in advance. IMPORTANT: This subtask should be completed before everything for “Make the preparations” is done, so if you are about to unload necessary materials that will end the main task it would be better to stop the vehicle and wait.

Shaking hands

Ensure that both Tunnel construction sites are completed within an interval of no more than one month.

This medal can be earned in the second task that starts with a request to deliver several thousands Machines to both sides of the tunnel. Eighteen years should be more than enough, just make sure you increase the delivery chains proportionally, so that factories get upgraded and produce more and more materials. England side will be capped by a slow speed of ships, so I’d recommend to leave just 1 Truck on the France side (balance the amount of vehicles if necessary). Or you could spam a mighty fleet of ships delivering Machines non-stop, up to you. What I did to finish the task simultaneously, is stopping the Truck that will deliver the last couple of Machines to France side right at the front of corresponding station and wait till England side is completely finished before letting French driver proceed with his delivery.


Improve the tunneling machines.

Somewhere near 1/4 of Tunnel completion you will receive a subtask called “Tough going”. Head to Hastings and search for a question mark; an engineer will have a small request for 10 Machines to deliver. I created a new line specifically for this task, and eventually (might take about 5-6 new ship deliveries) some Machines that were supposed to go to the tunnel digging site, ended up on the new line and a single Truck delivery was enough. Completing this task will earn you a medal as well as reduce the amount of required Machines to 900/900. IMPORTANT: If you keep using bus stops for Truck to city deliveries, be careful; for this task the Machines should be delivered to a truck station, not a bus stop, otherwise Machines will be used up for the city needs instead of being delivered to the engineer.

General Game Tips

  • Trucks definately rule in this game. In Campaign mode, Easy and perhaps Medium Free modes you won’t notice much difference. But Free mode on Hard difficulty practically forces you to use trucks and moreover use them in a way to deliver both source materials and end goods with the same vehicles. Just FYI: the only difference between Free modes difficulty is the loan interest (Easy – 1%, Medium – 1,5%, Hard – 2,5%) and amount of money you receive per kilometer travelled by a vehicle (Easy – 100%, Medium – 75%, Hard – 50%). So carefully planning routes in order to minimize the distance that vehicle will travel empty is the key.
  • Whenever you need to deliver goods into the city, feel free to use bus stops to avoid destroying the buildings. They cost spare change, take almost no space and have huge “capture” zone. As I’ve heard (which might not be accurate of course) this bug was asked to be left in the game by the beta-testers, so here we are.
  • Unlike other transport games, platform length in Transport Fever is purely cosmetical, you can unload 500m train and store hundreds of goods on a 80m platform.
  • If there is a lot of “civilian” traffic in the area, make sure to add bus lines on the side of the road, it will be used by your passenger transport AND your cargo trucks. But take note that a minimum of 4-lane road is required; technically it’s still possible to add bus lines to 2-lane road, but it will always be occupied, so it won’t do you any good.
  • Sometimes after you tweak or adjust the rail lines, because train suddenly has no path or waiting for the free line (although it shouldn’t), locomotive might get stuck and won’t start moving even though your adjustment have solved the issue. In such cases make sure to open train window and click on Reverse button, it will wake the train from its slumber.
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