Mindustry – Schematic Usage Guide

Mindustry - Schematic Usage Guide
Mindustry - Schematic Usage Guide

Guide for using, saving, exporting, and importing schematics.

Using / Saving Schematics

Schematics are building plans that allow you to replicate a design quickly and easily.

  • Hold [F] and drag select (mouse click not needed) buildings to create a schematic.
  • You can then build this schematic elsewhere on the map, and/or save the schematic by clicking “Save Schematic”.
    • Scroll to rotate the schematic. Press [Z]/[X] to flip the schematic.
    • You can overwrite an existing schematic by saving a new schematic with the same name. (Useful for updating Steam Workshop schematics.)
  • Right-click to discard the schematic.

Schematic Menu

Saved schematics are in the schematic menu ([T], or click the clipboard button in the lower right).

  • Click a schematic to select it for building.
  • “Share on Workshop” creates a new Steam Workshop item that others can import by subscribing to. Schematics imported this way can be deleted by unsubscribing from the item.
    • You can update your existing Steam Workshop schematics by clicking the right-most button > “Update Item”.
  • “Copy to Clipboard” copies a text code that can be pasted as text anywhere, which others can then copy and import by clicking “Import Schematic…” > “Import from Clipboard” in the schematic menu.
    • If a text code is pasted in the official Mindustry DC server, the Core bot will automatically replace your message with a file and an image of the schematic, with attribution to you.
  • “Export File” exports a file that others can import by clicking “Import Schematic…” > “Import File” in the schematic menu.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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