Unturned – Useful Tips for Beginners

Unturned - Useful Tips for Beginners
Unturned - Useful Tips for Beginners

This guide will be aimed at people who are new to the game and are still finding their feet in the widespread world of Unturned!

Some Gameplay Tips for Best Gaming in The Unturned

  • If you find a flare, don’t throw it away! If there are a lot of zombies near you, you can use the flare to draw zombies away from you, if there is a zombie that is near the flare, the zombie will go towards it. Same thing happens if you use a smoke grenade. Be careful, if you throw a flare at night it will glow so a player might see it!
  • If you’re in a pretty bad location and you want to spawn near a better one, just press ESC and use the Suicide button and hope that RNG puts you in a better place!
  • If you’re going to make a base, then keep in mind that to make a metal door (which you really really need if you’re gonna build a base) you need 5 metal scrap. The recipe is 2 metal sheets and 1 metal scrap.
  • Saws are very important, if you can’t find one anywhere, just craft one! You only need 2 metal sheets which takes 4 metal scrap.
  • If you see useless clothes or melee weapons/guns, don’t leave them! Scrap them for cloth or metal. Cloth is used for making stuff like dressings, bandages or rags which are used to heal yourself and metal is used for.. well.. a lot of stuff.
  • Always keep upgrading your skills. It’s just so important and I don’t think a lot of people get that. You get exp from killing zombies, harvesting berries, chopping trees, and a lot more.
  • If you need a lot of space and you’re in, for example, Washington, then go find Cargo Pants, they have the most space in the game, and find a Thief Top which you can find in Heritage Valley, which is a Ranger location. Thief Bottom has the same space as the Cargo Pants so if you find it you can switch it from the Cargo Pants because it does blend in more at night.
  • If you want to be an ♥ to your friends or want to put traps, make some wooden spikes with sticks and place them in bushes or around you base, be careful, even if you’re in a group you and your friends can still run into it and get hurt!
  • Don’t travel on roads, sure it seems like a logical thing to do but don’t do it. Players close to the road can just hide next to a tree and kill you, you have no chance then because there is no cover. Travel next to a road instead.
  • Whatever you do, don’t waste ammo on zombies. Use your fists or a melee weapon if you want to kill one. Ammo is not the easiest thing to find and you’re better off shooting players and killing them for their loot than wasting ammo on zombies.
  • If you really need a crate to place loot in, you might want to not chop that really close birch tree and chop down a maple or a pine one instead. Birch has the least storage capacity, maple has more but pine has the most storage capacity out of any of them.
  • Not only do pine crates have more space, pine buildables like pine walls, pillars, roofs, doorways have more health than maple and birch, and birch has the least, of course. If you need a base I’d recommend making it out of pine logs if you can.
  • If you have a laser on your weapon and it is night, it is best to turn it off as anyone can see that bright red light. Press B to turn it off/on. BUT rangefinders, while they seem to emit green light, cannot be seen, not even a little. So keep it on you want to.
  • If you’re underwater and you need to surface, don’t look up and hold W, holding Space allows you to surface faster.
  • While they seem like they are worse, Ranger weapons degrade much slower than their military counterpart. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing your weapons.
  • If you find an ammo box, take it. Sure it might take a lot of space but if you have a gun you can refill your ammo. You probably already knew this by playing the tutorial (if you’re smart) but if you don’t here you go.
  • If you find a berry bush then harvest some berries from it because berries can give you food and water. Be careful though as most of the berries are poisonous except the green and pink ones. If you have enough of a poisonous berry then you can crush it so you could eat it.
  • Don’t build your bases near popular locations. Seriously, you’ll get raided. Find a good location that is not as popular as other ones that can give you food, water, construction items, military items and build your base there.
  • If you have a buddy which is injured and you have something to heal him with, look at him and use the Right Click button on your mouse to heal him.
  • Be careful when you’re going to popular places like Olympia Military Base or Heritage Valley in Washington, many people are known to be camping in these locations to get easy loot.
  • When you have 2 half empty ammo boxes in your inventory, combine them in the Crafting section so they take up less space.
  • Never put important item crates on any sort of vehicle’s trunk as it can be assured they wont be safe when said vehicle blows up.
  • Equip bigger weapons such as melee weapons or guns for more space if you have one that is bigger than your current weapon (e.g. when you equip a knife and switch it to an axe).
  • Do not go prone in plain sight while getting shot at as it makes you vulnerable to headshots.
  • Having any sort of cover in your backpack (such as a sandbag or a plate) may be useful for when you really need cover. Sandbags can be found in military locations.
  • When building a base, having an unlocked rooftop access is not a good idea for it eases many many raiders in many many ways in infiltrating your base. It may be prevented by placing claim flags but they can be destroyed very very easily and it takes a lot of hard-to-find resources to craft.
  • Whenever you break something (such as a suppressor or a weapon), remember you can always repair them.
  • Always carry little amounts of items on treacherous journeys, even putting a temporary crate in a safe place might be useful for storing your items for a while (just remember to collect them), because if you bring important stuff that are hard to find, anything could happen and you can very easily lose those items.
  • If you are playing on Normal or Hard, make sure to always keep repairing items and do not use items for no reason. I have not checked if items take different things to repair, but I always find myself repairing things like weapons and melee weapons with just scrap metal.
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